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is excited to Celebrate the Life of yet another Amazing Woman that devotes her life to the care and consideration of others. This lady is a ‘Quantum Activist’ and is now available to the Women of our World, to help those in need, in areas of life that humans struggle to understand…..


Kimberley Jones

I am Kimberley Jones, a Lightworker & Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

I am known as ‘The Lightworker’s Lightworker’ & my path has been very challenging with much loss & pain leading ultimately to Spiritual Awakening.

From as early as I can remember I could see, feel & ‘know’ the energy of what others were thinking & feeling. I am a 4th generation psychic woman & my gift is ‘energy intuition’ & a clear visionary sight.

Everything in our world is energy, the ancients knew this & now science has shown us this. I sense/know the energy inside & around people, of buildings, businesses, organisations, relationships. I can tap into the energy of the highest/deepest potential of a person or project.

This gift allows me to empower the new generation of ‘Lightworkers’ awakening & stepping up on the planet. It is these Lightworkers who will play a key role in shaping a positive future for our world. Hence I am known as ‘The Lightworker’s Lightworker’. I am serving the potential of our future teachers, leaders, pioneers, creatives & conscious mothers.

I am currently writing a book for the Lightworkers to guide them on their path.

For up to date Lightworker messages join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kimberleyjonespage

For more information & Lightworker services see my website: http://www.kimberleyjones.com


♥ As part of being a Lightworker & expressing light into the world to inspire & awaken others I paint intuitive energy paintings.

♥ Described as “canvasses of consciousness” the paintings capture the subtle energies of life, love, transformation & the human/spiritual experience we cannot often put into words.

♥ The paintings continue to stream & emanate energy into the rooms where they hang.

♥ Many people have commissioned their own Energyscapes painting to bless a newborn baby or a new home, to capture the group soul essence of their family, to focus their spiritual practice, align the energy of their office with the highest purpose of their business, to create inspiring spaces in corporate environments & much more.

I hope you enjoy them. Every painting comes with intuited words or messages that emerge during the painting process – the voice of the painting if you like!

For more information contact me directly through Facebook or go to http://www.kimberleyjones.com for more info about the paintings.


ONE MINUTE FOR PEACE is a project that is close to Kimberley’s heart.

Pause for peace daily to build your ‘Personal Peace Field’. Then join with thousands globally on 11th November each year to activate the ‘Planetary Peace Field’, bringing the benefits & power of your daily practice to the whole.

Join us on the Facebook Group where you will find thousands of people already taking part plus more info on how you can join in & help create the foundations of sustainable world peace in our lifetime, HERE.

ANNUAL GLOBAL EVENT: 11th November every year leading to 2012 at 11:11am/11:11pm local time. (OR whenever you happen to notice the numbers “11:11”)

On 11/11/11 an interdimensional ‘Peace Portal’ will open, we have time to prepare to ensure a graceful influx.

Founder Kimberley Jones is a certified ‘Quantum Activist’ & trained with Dr Amit Goswami (‘What the Bleep Do We Know?’).

She is a pioneer of SUBTLE ACTIVISM – Utilising Vibrational Technologies, Intuitive Alchemy & Quantum Field approaches to personal, local & global change.

A Celebration of Women

sends our Gratitude and Love….

Godspeed to Your Work, Kimberley!

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