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Thursday is a mixed bag. We’ve got a mutable t-square along with a grand trine in earth which suggests people will be comfortable even though communications will be flying left and right. Some interactions will be heated with Mars in Virgo but you should be able to keep a foot on the ground, thanks to the grand trine. This ought to be an interesting day.

Friday, the general theme continues but the plot thickens. We’ll have two grand trines on offer, but the Moon gets wrapped up in a harsher t-square as it leaves Gemini for Cancer. Gemini is intellectual, Cancer is emotional, so watch for the shift mid-day as the bickering hits home (Cancer) and people begin to feel.

Saturday, the Moon in Cancer enjoys a lot of support but it also opposes Pluto. Mars in Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces so with planets opposing both Lights, you can expect to find yourself at odds with others, particularly if you have planets around these degrees (13 Mutable and/or 9 Cardinal). Even if you’re not personally involved, expect to witness strife out there.

Sunday, the Moon squares Saturn and Venus and you can kiss comfort good-bye, at least on an emotional level. We still have a grand trine in earth, though, so eating and other practical, body-based matters go well.

Monday, the Moon in Leo aspects Pluto so we may get to see some drama out there – people like me live in hope! Also, Venus leave Aries for Taurus, heading towards the grand trine in earth, which is very good news. Last, Mercury conjuncts Uranus which is a brilliant aspect so be ready to write down your good ideas!

Tuesday is quite pleasant. I’d relax because on Wednesday, the Moon in Virgo will be agitated as it conjuncts Mars on the way to becoming full on Thursday. In other words, things will begin to hot up. See Transit Watch for Full Moon details

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