I know from my own journey that anything is possible
and that the sublime is waiting to bless us in ways far
beyond our imagination.
I believe in our inherent goodness. It is up to us to
accept the goodness and be free of restrictions.
Many of the events in the visible world are
outrageous, yet there is also beauty and hope.
To understand that the old must be removed before
the new can be fully experienced is wisdom. It is
being who we are.
You are beautiful. Accept this truth. Allow your mind
and body to feel and express it fully and joyfully.
To be one’s true Self is to be alive in the deepest
meaning of the word.
Life is a gift. The more we gift others with what we have
embraced, the less life will be a mystery.
To fall in love with God is to be who we are.
To be who we inwardly are is beyond mere words; it is an
energy that heals and enlivens.
We are the mystery. Unveil the power of Light and the
mystery is solved.
The wonder and glorious gift of Spirit is finally alive
through understanding, belief and a higher love~
Shirlee Hall, 2011


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