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YES! Energy
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Harness the Yes! Energy Equation… and Supercharge Your Life!

Ever notice there are some people who just have that thing? My old best friend, Diane, and I used to call it the gift. “He’s got the gift,” she’d observe. These people are certain; they are sure; and they move forward with an easy, graceful energy and optimism. It’s empowering, timeless, and endless, and if you’re fortunate enough to catch it, it’s contagious.
Well, you too can be one of those people. You can capture that thing—because you already have it. It’s within you. It’s just a little atrophied muscle that needs to be rebuilt. Once you rediscover it, you can live an unlimited life of abundance, extreme optimism, and energy.

But what exactly is it?

This gift, that thing, is Yes! Energy. I’ve discovered a formula, a nonmathematical equation that will help you make Yes! Energy a big part of your life. That’s what this book is about: it’s a journey through the Energy Equation, helping you learn each of its components so that you can have all the Yes! Energy you need to accomplish your goals, reach your dreams, and do less and make more.
The Energy Equation will help you at home, in business, and in every area of your life. You will find—no matter what you’re doing, no matter the issue or the goal—that you can tap into your Yes! Energy to do less, make more. Do less work, do less of what you’re not good at doing, do less wasting time, do less worrying, do less “bad” in your life. Now you can make more money, make more time, make more happiness, and make more good and love in your world.
Loral Langemeier

The strongest energy always wins. That’s it. That’s the key to moving from your current situation, any situation, into the life you’ve always wanted.
This groundbreaking book presents the power of the Yes! Energy Equation, which you can employ to attract abundance to all areas of your life. This formula can help you lead your life to achieve financial freedom; center your actions around a spiritual core of certainty and confidence; up-shift your attitude into consistent optimism; commit to engage with others at the highest, most satisfying levels; create the enterprise you’ve always envisioned; and dust off your dreams.
Best-selling author and entrepreneurial speaker Loral Langemeier developed this simple and straightforward methodology, which is revealed explicitly in these pages, because she needed it herself. Knocked to her knees more than a few times on her true-grit journey from farm girl to multimillionaire, she knows what it’s like to hit obstacles hard. Yet despite the blows, she still stands, and she still delivers.
So, if you want to learn how to tap into infinite, productive energy, extreme optimism, and calming, clarifying spirituality to improve your life in any way… this is the book for you! Order Now »

Praise for YES! Energy

Yes! Energy helps people tap into what is innately available to us—the productive, positive energy that propels us to a life of purpose and enjoyment. Loral by no means has given up on the human spirit and possibilities. Instead, she has chosen to deliver perspective and tools precisely at the time when most needed! Readers will benefit from this compelling book.”Stedman Graham, best-selling author and CEO of S. Graham & Associates
Yes! Energy is truly inspiring. This book will help you employ all of your skills to succeed. It teaches you how to live in a world where Yes! is the winning answer. Loral Langemeier does it again with another highly recommended book.”Joseph Grenny, best-selling author and co-founder of VitalSmarts
“If you want the blueprint for obliterating the uncertainty and frustration in your life, and replacing it with incredible confidence and unbounded success, then you need to read Loral’s book Yes! Energy. You already have the tools you need; Loral shows you how to use them.”Tom Mower, Sr., president and co-founder of Sisel International
Yes! Energy will replace the ‘no energy’ we were programmed with as infants. It’s the no energy that keeps 97 percent of our population stuck in life. Loral has made a huge breakthrough here… and you will, too, by doing exactly as Loral directs you to do. I love it. This is a powerful concept that will set you free… Yes! It will.”Bob Proctor, best-selling author
Yes! Energy by Loral Langemeier is a call to action. It compels you to start saying Yes! and succeed. I highly recommend this book to anyone desiring positive change and forward momentum in their lives.”Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., best-selling author and founder of The Hendricks Institute
“By not taking risks, by not living our full potential, we risk it all! Say Yes! now, then figure out how. Loral’s philosophy is shared with you through her formula for channeling the right energy at the right time to reach the right decisions.”Sharon Lechter, co-author of Three Feet from Gold and Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Yes! Energy by my good friend and money expert Loral Langemeier is today’s definitive road map to getting out of the wrong kinds of conversations and into the right ones so you can end your frustration and start living in action! She gives you her formula for moving forward and channeling the right energy at the right time to the reach the right decisions. You have to buy this book!”Lisa Nichols, best-selling author and “The Breakthrough Specialist”
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