Elsa P. – Full Moon In Leo, Saturn Retrograde and Piss Off Mommy At Your Own Risk!


People have been prickly over the last 10 days, thanks to the Venus Mars opposition. This aspect has peaked at this point so you should see tension ease as days pass.

Thursday is quirky as the Moon in Gemini trines planets in Aquarius but is simultaneously tweaked by Pluto in Capricorn. You can compare this to enjoying yourself at a party, in spite of nagging doubt! Things improve on Friday under a grand trine in air. In a word – socialize!

Saturday things get sticky and Sunday is only slightly improved. This is because the Moon in Cancer takes hits from a variety of planets which is sure to drive many to play what I call “piss off mommy games”. You can click and read but if you don’t have time, it’s this simple: People feel bad and they respond by making others emotionally uncomfortable. I say “piss off mommy” but this goes in both directions. “If the mama ain’t happy, no one is happy,” so keep that in mind when you decide to agitate the mother figure in your life.

Monday is dramatic as the Moon enters Leo forming a T-square with Jupiter and Saturn. There is lots of tension with this, not fighting per se, but tension. The stress is exacerbated because we’re heading into a full moon on Tuesday, however, things are going to be just fine. Entertainment will ensue (see details)!

Saturn also goes retrograde on Tuesday and this no reason to groan. Check out Transit Watch for a concise explanation around what this means as well as simple instructions around how to benefit from this portion of the cycle.

By Wednesday everything has peaked, however the air will still be crackling with energy as people process the various happenings.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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