Mary Adams/Dr. Elizabeth Debold – ‘Ten Agreements for Evolving Women’ online course

Dear Evolutionary Sister,

All of my life, I’ve believed that women have the potential to change the world.

When I was much younger, I thought change was right around the corner. Between the beginning of the 70s and the end of the 80s, so much did change. As a result, today, women have opportunities that were unimaginable to my grandmother’s generation. And yet most of us continue to feel an acute lack – of real power, conviction and the freedom to be our boldest, most creative selves. We’ve pointed the finger outside ourselves at men, the “system,” and the media. Sure things need to change in our society. But ultimately, we’re getting in our own way.

The same old conflicts that women have struggled with for decades – between being “good women” and expressing deeper autonomy, authority and authenticity continue to hold us back.

Stepping beyond these obstacles in ourselves and creating a new culture—together—is the purpose of The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women, a 10-week program led by Mary Adams and myself.

You won’t find a program for women’s development like this anywhere else.

How do I know? I’ve spent more than three decades wrestling with the question of transformation. I was a feminist activist, led women’s consciousness raising, spent years in a woman-oriented psychotherapy, explored Eastern techniques for mind-body integration, sat long hours in Buddhist meditation, and spent a decade working at Harvard University with the world-renowned psychologist Dr. Carol Gilligan.

But none of this touched the depths that I knew I needed to reach to fundamentally change myself.

Until I met spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and became familiar with his teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment. For over fifteen years, I have been at the epicenter of a group of women working with this teaching who were giving their lives to evolve, together, at the level of Spirit or consciousness. One of these women, Mary Adams, is now my teaching partner in the Ten Agreements for Evolving Women course.

Born in Australia, Mary studied eastern philosophy before heading to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. Over the next seven years, Mary engaged with spiritual masters such as Nisargardatta and J. Krishnamurti. Returning to the West, she became a psychotherapist and led a meditation center. But like me, Mary realized that for all her learning and spiritual work, deep personal change eluded her. Through the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Mary discovered the transformation she’d been looking for.

For the past 15 years, Mary and I have uncovered core structures in women’s consciousness that keep us from becoming a force for radical, deep change in our culture.

The next step for women is profound, spiritual transformation that will fundamentally change the structures of our selves and our society. The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women provides a framework for accomplishing this.

If you’re seriously committed to creating change at the level of consciousness and culture, Mary and I would be honored to have you with us on this powerful, ten-week journey.


To our collective evolution, Dr. Elizabeth Debold, Senior Teacher Enlighten Next

P.S. If you have questions about the 10 Agreements for Evolving Women course or wondering if it’s right for you, then join us next Tuesday, January 31st for a Special Q&A Call on the Emergence of New Evolutionary Values with Mary and me.


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