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is excited to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing Woman who is devoting her life to helping others, as she is educated and experienced. Having started her Career juggling 3 boys and a career, she is definitely a Woman of Action that understands the pressures and is able to teach others to “Fish“.


Frieke Karlovits

Frieke tells A Celebration of Women, in her own words all the way from Austria:

A very normal life to me ….
it seems impossible that I am 60 – life is an adventure full of surprises ….

In the beginning as an interpreter, with a Masters in English,
educated at the Karl Franzens Universität.

Nobel Prize Winners of this University:

An Amazing Alumni of People …..

Frieke has enjoyed the wonderful experience of Motherhood, starting her career while at home loving and raising three boys, and says–

“… raising 3 sons kept me at home;

so my career started as a Technical Translator. “

Yet throughout my life my personal disposition required a ‘dedication to nutrition’ and health, so eventually coaching people became my second career.
Coaching for maintaining health, coaching for personal development, for business and eventually,

I also became a crusader for network marketing – a remarkable industry, Designed for Women, yet, kept low in reputation by a small percentage of ‘heavy hitters’ who cannot believe the world doesn’t revolve around them…..

Teaching people who belong to the other 98 % of the population is my heart felt desire.

* Don’t hear bad things

* Don’t see bad things

* Don’t speak bad things

To let them know that their Lack of Success is not their Fault!

…everybody can Succeed if they want to and are Coachable.

We take them by the hand and guide them till they dare to ‘spread their wings’ – yet we teach them ‘how to fish and don’t provide them with fish in a pan’.

Friendship, Teamwork and Mutual Support…

are the Foundations for this Venture….

Come along and enjoy the ride!

You find me at:
as a comprehensive business coach:

There are all sorts of other sites but as it is I ought to have at least a couple of heads and four hands to do all I want to get done.

Frieke shares some of her personal experience with the Women of our World.

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A Celebration of Women™

salutes this amazing woman

for her perseverence and tenacity.

Brava, Frieke!

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