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On a cold and frosty December day in Toronto Canada at a beautiful French restaurant called LaMaquette that seems to fuse burlesque with the south of France, Ayi Jihu met with Serena Wang from New Tang Dynasty Television in Toronto Canada for a short interview about her goodwill tour of Toronto Canada as an Ambassador for A Celebration of Women Foundation inc.

What started out as a short interview about Ayi’s trip and activities in Canada turned out to be a two hour interview spanning the life and experiences of a unique Chinese icon who is slowly winning over not just the West but her own people with her story, music, and philanthropic work for the planet.

The incredible fact is that even with a reach of 2 billion people, worldwide press and the status of hero in her some parts of China, especially the Sichuan region where she was born, Ayi Jihu is still a great mystery to her own people. Ayi Jihu is an independent, perhaps the first of her kind from China, doing things on an international scale without Government or Big Chinese business behind her. This is unheard off in China. Ayi Jihu is not part of any Chinese entertainment machine, instead choosing to stay loyal to her small international label from UK Shlepp Entertainment Ltd, despite many offers to become part of the Chinese mainstream musical scene.

Perhaps Serena Wang a young Chinese woman making her way in the West could understand the struggles and hills Ayi Jihu must have to cross to do what she does. The Chinese community keeps itself to itself, Ayi is out of the box, blazing trails and many of them are not quite sure just how to take her. Ayi Jihu is trying to build bridges and open doors, doors that some don’t even feel need to be opened.

So it seems just like so many millions of people around the world who have one idea about Ayi Jihu, what and who she is and what she stands for, once they meet her they develop a new understanding. Serena Wang and Ayi Jihu sat for hours engrossed in conversation that only they could understand. The setting could not have been more beautiful. LaMaquette is a quaint boutique French restaurant in the heart of Toronto. They opened their doors to Ayi for the interview and for a couple of hours we were transported to the south of France with the aroma’s to match.

LaMaquette is place where you can find your own little special corner and wonder off with your food for a few hours and forget that it is 20 degrees below zero outside. Ayi Chose to sit by the fireplace and it was hard to imagine watching the two ladies converse that we were anywhere else but in Cannes.

Canada has seemingly taken Ayi Jihu to their heart. As her tour continues Ayi hopes to reach more people in Canada especially the huge Chinese community here.

As a Goodwill Ambassador for A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc, Ayi is keen to show the world the power of love women can bring to the social equation. She wants to make a difference.

Catherine Anne Clark, Founder of A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc., who invited Ayi to Canada see’s Ayi as a Woman of Action who can change the world.

For more information about Ayi Jihu visit her website www.Ayijihu.com

For more information about A Celebration of Women Foundation inc visit their website.

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