Advent Season is Celebrated by Christians Around the Globe!

Advent Celebrated by Christians Around the Globe

Advent Sunday is a religious observance for Christians around the world.

November 29 – December 24

Advent Sunday is a religious observance for Christians around the world.

Advent Sunday is the fourth Sunday before Christmas and is the first day of the liturgical year for Western Christian Churches. It is the start of the season of Advent that will end on Christmas and is the time of preparation for the birth of Jesus and his presence among us. Advent comes from the Latin word adventus (arrival).

History of Advent Sunday

With traditions that started as early as the fourth century, the Advent season in the first Christian communities was seen as a period of penance, just like Lent before Easter. Clergy members usually wear purple colors, like during Lent.

Even so, the fasting observed in those years would be broken on the third Sunday of Advent, giving way to the proximity of the joy of Christmas. Therefore on this day by tradition the predominant color isn’t purple, but instead it is pink. Later a change in the focus of the season occurred, becoming more a season to celebrate hope and anticipation for the birth of Jesus and to look forward to the second coming of Jesus.

Advent Sunday Traditions, Customs and Activities

It is custom that on Advent Sunday several preparations are made for the celebration of Christmas. The crown-shaped Advent wreath, with four or five candles in the center, is placed inside the church or in homes. One candle is lit for every Sunday of Advent season, and the fifth is lit on Christmas Day.

Advent calendars are used, marking the number of days since Advent Sunday until Christmas. Each day, one day is crossed from the calendar, counting down the days to Christmas.

Nativity scenes are frequently prepared representing the scene in. Sometimes real live characters are used in more elaborate Nativity scenes.

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A Celebration of Women

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