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“…the Process of Enlightenment and Healing is Always Slow,

 with setbacks in growth;

in our search there is always a finding … for those that are seeking ”


by Kyra Mesich

Realizing that empathic ability was the basis of my confusing emotional experiences, lifelong depression, and emotionol sensitivity was just the beginning of my search. Understanding that empathy was the underlying cause of my difficulties was not sufficient to control it or heal the effects of years of emotional confusion. Knowledge in and of itself was the starting point, not the end.

It takes more than an intellectual understanding of empathy to heal and release years of empathic emotion. Having the knowledge that empathy exists does not automatically enlighten you as to how to control it in the future. Most of us have a lifetime of complete ignorance about the existence of empathic ability to overcome. I continued searching for the most effective remedies and techniques that would help empathic people.

I have repeatedly found in my work with sensitive people that the best approach is to start with flower essences. They are the remedy that has had the most overall profoundly beneficial impact for sensitive people. Flower essences can rebalance your empathic ability, release years of painful empathic emotion, and help you feel more protected and less overwhelmed by your sensitivity.



Flower essences are an alternative healing remedy that is used specifically for emotional healing. They have gained a great deal of popularity over the past few years and can be purchased in most any health food store or herb shop. Flower essences, also called flower remedies, are made from the blooms of specific flowering plants and trees. Please note that flower essences are completely different from essential oils used in aromatherapy. Flower essences are similar to homeopathic remedies and are in liquid form. They have hardly any smell or taste, and the dosage is a very small amount taken several times per day.

The flower essence liquid is traditionally preserved with a small amount of brandy, but essences preserved with vinegar or glycerin are available for those who are not tolerant of alcohol. They will not interfere with other medications or remedies you may be taking. Since they are gentle and side effect free, essences are an ideal remedy for children. Essences are taken orally by putting a couple drops in a small glass of water.

Flower essences facilitate significant beneficial changes emotionally and mentally, which also lead to physical benefits. Flower essences are so useful for emotional sensitivity that it is almost as though they were made exactly for the issue of empathic ability. Amazingly, there are many flower essences that specifically address the needs of sensitive people. Flower essences are like herbal remedies in that there are hundreds to choose from.

One of the first brands of flower essences I worked with was FES (Flower Essence Society), which is widely available in the United States. It was this brand that had the particular flower essence that provided profound healing for myself and many other empathic people I have helped.


That essence is called Yarrow.



Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a pretty plant that grows commonly in North America. It has finely dissected lacy leaves and flowers in flat clusters. The flower varieties may be white, yellow or pink. Yarrow has been known for centuries as a strong herbal remedy for cleansing and healing cuts. When Yarrow is made into a flower essence, it has very interesting effects. Yarrow literally rebalances empathy.

Empathy is not intended to be painful or to be confused with our own feelings. Empathy is intended to be emotional communication that we can sense in a protected and safe manner. Yarrow restores that protection and safety to the empathic person. Many empathic people complain that they feel like emotions bombard them no matter what they do. They feel like they have no protection from the negative emotions around them. This is the most vexing problem that sensitive people have as they try to learn and regain control of the empathy. Even though they may understand empathy, they do not know how to stop absorbing other people’s painful emotions. Yarrow can change that for the better. Just like herbal Yarrow cleanses and heals the skin after a wound, Yarrow essence heals and rebalances the empathic person’s energetic boundaries and natural empathic protection.

After taking Yarrow flower essence, empathic people feel different. They feel less vulnerable and not so bombarded by emotions. They begin to feel more distance from the feelings they do empathically sense, so they no longer confuse empathic emotions with their own feelings. Yarrow essence provides an altogether healing and liberating experience for the empathic person. For many people, it is what really helps them turn the corner to finally be able to control and end the negative effects of their empathic abilities.

White Yarrow, Pink Yarrow and Golden Yarrow have been found to have slightly different effects. For more information on this, see the full chapter in “The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide,” by Kyra Mesich. [ http://www.amazon.ca/Sensitive-Persons-Survival-Guide-Alternative/dp/0595098002 ].



The key to using flower essences correctly is to follow the directions on the bottle. Take the recommended small dose consistently. Increase the dosage by using the essence more frequently, not by taking a larger amount at a time. Taking a larger amount will not make a difference and will only waste the essence you paid for. The recommended dosage of a small number of drops is completely sufficient. I mention this because a few tiny drops seem like such a small amount, that people have the tendency to want to take more at a time. The recommended dosage varies slightly by the brand. Trust the dosage that is given on the bottle. Flower essence makers have researched their products. The number of drops they recommend is the optimal amount to use.



Flower essences are flexible remedies, which make them ideal for use with children. They should generally be taken 3 or 4 times per day, but they do not have to be taken at regimented times. So that means a child does not have to take them to school. If the child takes her essences before and after school, and once or twice in the evening, that is satisfactory. They have no appreciable taste or smell for kids to complain about, and no side effects for parents to worry about. Flower essence drops can be put in other types of beverages besides water, such as juice, for finicky kids.



Flower essences fall under the heading of vibrational remedies. The term vibration refers to the fact that the healing energy of the plant is transferred to the liquid remedy. Flower essences are a type of vibrational remedy. As you research essences and essence manufacturers, you will notice that there are more than just flower essences. Essences are also made from other parts of the plant s well as from things such as minerals and gemstones. All essences are made with basically the same approach and work in similar ways. Flower essences are currently the most popular and widely available vibrational essences, but don’t ignore the other types of vibrational essences that may also be helpful for you.

Source: Global Oneness (experiencefestival.com ). 


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