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Gabriela Rosenthal


My name is Gabriela Rosenthal and I used to weigh more than 260 pounds.

I am the married mother of four young children with an extremely busy life style. It did not take long for me to realize that while taking care of the children I began to take myself for granted.

I was always tired and in pain. It wasn’t long into my obesity that I began to develop serious medical problems. I had always been a habitual, yo-yo dieter and I was starting to feel like there wasn’t much hope for me.

Everything I did was for my family and I began to neglect my own needs. I can recall a friend of mine once asking, “Would you die for your kids?” Obviously, my answer was yes. However, I began to contemplate what my friend had just asked me when I realized what she should have asked was,

do you want to live for your kids?”

Soon after I came to terms with my painful truth; carrying over 250 pounds was putting added pressure and stress on my back, hips and entire body. I was constantly in pain and felt tired all the time. To make matters worse, as a result of my excessive weight gain I began to develop serious medical problems.

One day I stood in front of the mirror and was not happy with whom I saw staring back at me. This was the final straw and quintessential moment in time when I decided to transform my lifestyle and stop the madness I was putting myself through.

That question still haunts me to this day.

That question is what made me start taking better care of myself.

However, I finally found the help I needed at The Center for Medical Weight Loss.

Over the last two years, I lost more than 130 pounds with the Center

under the watchful eye of a physician.

The results were so life-changing that I decided I wanted to help other women and men take back control over their lives.

That question is why I lost more than 130 pounds.

Treating people with weight problems isn’t as simple as telling them to eat less…

Obesity is a disease that needs to be customized weight loss program addressing the underlying cause of obesity – food addiction.

I opened My Own

Center for Medical Weight Loss

on University Drive in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

In collaboration with

Dr. Elisabeth Cohn- Gelwasser,

The Kangoo Jumps….looks like fun!

I now dedicate my time and effort to helping others accomplish the very same goals I set for myself so many years ago. I have experienced great success with my personal weight loss and have inspired numerous people close to me in my life to do the same.

When I began my weight loss journey I draped a size 24 over my body when I got dressed. Today, I easily slip into a slender size 2.

It fills me with great pride to tell you that I have been able to maintain my weight for over a year. I never imagined there could be anything more rewarding than losing the weight myself but helping others change their lifestyle and achieve their goal weight has become the greatest reward of all!

Please visit our website:

OBESITY” in the Western World has become a fact of life that has reached epidemic levels. This disease is now affecting more than one-third of our Youth in America. The damages of this disease have long fingers outreaching into many areas of life, including our healthcare system, longevity and productivity. It is critical that more people, like Gabriela, take this reality into a new stratosphere of awareness.

There are many, many causes for obesity and the days of blame and name are over. This contemporary issue has reached such a level of crisis in our Society that the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, has Founded an Association named LET’S

MOVE, to address the social illness named OBESITY, in the children of that nation. This new Movement is working on social programs that will assist people like Gabriela in helping others with “Obesity“.

ASSOCIATION: http://www.letsmove.gov/

The days of the words in this ridiculous song…

fat people have no reason…”

are OVER!

There are reasons, serious dietary and medical reasons that must be addressed, especially in our Western World, for the sake of the Future of Our Society. “Obesity” has finally been medically and socially accepted as a disease; and anyone out there shy about asking for help,

A Celebration of Women has one questions to ask YOU:

IF You suffered from Cancer or any other illness,

would You NOT go see a Doctor?

A Celebration of Women thanks Gabriela for sharing her Life, TAKING ACTION and sharing her experience while helping others.

This “Pay-it-forward thinking is the only path to success, a ‘meeting of the minds’, a shared experience offering common ground for growth and success.

This inherent understanding of another’s plight can only be achieved through experience.

Through experience, wisdom arrives and the spiritual teacher comes. Gabriela is now making an awesome teacher…and if you are ready, she is here to help!

Only One that has ‘walked the walk’,

can help another onto the path…..

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A Celebration of Women

takes our Hats Off!

…this is a Woman

that Analyzed, Recognized

to Take Action!“.

Brava Gabriela!

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