Jane Chavez Umali, Release Your Stories… – INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO

A Celebration of Women

has been inspired to share the following video with the Women of our World.

There is some serious substance to the words that you will read on this film.

Please take a minute from your day, press play and listen, listen well. 

Our friend and member on Facebook presented this to us … thanks Jane.

Jane Chavez Umali

It is not the past that hinders your today,
but the portion of it you brought
to the present.–Strike a Chord of Silence, CG Walters

Release Your Stories, Embrace Infinity
Produced by
CG Walters
Dragon’s Beard Publishing

Virtutes Vocis by Kevin MacLeod
under the Creative Commons:
By Attribution license.

Alberto Villoldo quotes from:
Courageous Dreaming:
How Shamans Dream the
World into Being
ISBN-13: 978-1401917579

Brackets [] represent alterations
or additions to original text.
Ellipsis …. represents omitted

By www.dreamscene.org/
Permission for use
granted in direct email

cloud animation.mp4
by Arunav Sharma

All additional video loops
By www.dreamscene.org/
Also www.youtube.com/blendland
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Cherry blossom.wmv

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