Laura Farago is Taking Action 2 months later …MEMORIAL VIDEO.


Laura Farago is definitely a WOMAN of ACTION


Here she shares with the Women of our World the devotion that one daughter offers her DAD. I want all the Fathers of this World to listen deeply to this message that laura is teaching all of us.


Women of our World, show this video to all the men in your lives, and especially your sons, for all that are Mothers to sons.


When a man is a good Father, he becomes ‘Immortal’.


“I ask myself if I died tomorrow, what was the purpose of my existence and I answered LAURA…my sweet, lovely child who I hold in my heart before ALL things in life.”

~Richard Farago (my dad who passed away June 1st, 2011 journaled this years ago so I put together a few photos throughout his life).




A Celebration of Women


sends our blessings to the family

and will hold this memory in our hearts forever.

Rest in Peace, Richard.

A Celebration of Women



  1. Dearest Laura,
    The love and devotion of a daughter can only be compared to the love and devotion of a father! Your love and devotion for your father goes without saying. What a wonderful world this would be if this could be the case with fathers and daughters everywhere. Many times for whatever reason some fathers fall by the wayside when it comes for caring, loving and providing for their daughters. I was blessed and had two of my own. One now in heaven with the Father of all who serve him. Do I miss her? I can’t begin to tell you how much. Her picture sits here by my computer on my desk with a dimly lit candle given to me by my dear friend Susan Binau_Founder of Angel Kit Foundation. The candle softly glows as a constant reminder of Courtney’s prescence and undying love for her four children. I am blessed to call you friend and A Celebration of Women is blessed in the same way to recognize and honor you as a truly spirited Woman of Action.

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