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Ranna Tareen

I see my death… but no one cares

KANDAHAR, 11 May 2010 (IRIN) – Work outside the home in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province has become almost impossible for women due to constant threats and intimidation by insurgents.

Coordinating Director for Development and Economic Affairs Ambassador (left) presents $40,000 worth of INL-funded office equipment and furnishings to Acting Minister of Women’s Affairs Hussan Ban Ghazanfar. AFGHANISTAN.

Convinced she will be killed if she continues to defy the threats, 39-year-old Ranna Tareen, director of Kandahar’s Women’s Affairs Department and a well-known women’s rights activist, has decided to leave Kandahar and run for parliament in Kabul. She told IRIN about her fears.

“They [Taliban] are no longer warning me by phone or letter; instead they come to my office and intimidate me in person. They operate with impunity and the government is unable to stop them.
“Once I called security officials to arrest a man who was threatening me.” They arrested him, but only for two hours, after which he called me and said: ‘You work for this government?’

“I have told officials about my security concerns and I have even talked to the PRT [NATO-led Provincial Reconstruction Team] about them, but no one cares.

“I have applied for a transfer

to another province,

but there are no vacancies”.

“I don’t know who is killing us women, and why.

I know the Taliban are only part of the problem here.”

“Every time they [the Taliban] paste up a warning note in a girls’ school the number of students drops. This happens frequently but there is no one to stop this.”

“Kandahar has lost a lot of its brave women over the past few years:

Sitara Achakzai [Provincial Council Member killed in April 2009].

Malalai Kakar [Top Female Police Officer killed in September 2008]

and Safia Amajan [Head of Women’s Affairs Department killed in September 2006].

“I see my death too.

What annoys me is to see

no one cares about it.”

RANNA in 2011

In the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, neighborhoods are not immune to Taliban bombings and targeting assassinations, despite an ongoing NATO offensive.

Rana Tareen, a vocal activist and former head of the Women Affair’s department in Kandahar, is running for elections again. Unlike her previous campaign in 2005, holding public gatherings and speaking about burning issues such as accountability for perpetrators of war crimes is simply too risky.

The 33-year-old mother of four now runs a low-profile campaign, contacting key community interlocutors by telephone and holding small gatherings with women inside private homes. Her key message is justice and respect for human rights.

She is not pleased with the state of government-promised security, but hopes that unlike the 2009 presidential election, fraud will not mar these polls.

She worries, however, that if security concerns result in low turnout, her chances of being elected will be seriously undermined.

“Unfortunately, polling stations will remain close in the majority of districts,” Tareen says. “In some places, people will not go to polling stations because of the lack of security. Under such circumstances, who can guarantee the transparency of the election process?”

Despite the challenges, women candidates appear eager to give their male counterparts a run for their money. They will be competing in some cases against warlords, clerics, and moneyed businessman in a patriarchal society where power still largely flows from the barrel of a gun.

Seeking reelection in Kandahar, Fereba Ahmadi Kakar asks her constitutes to defy all threats on election day.

“We have to stand up,” Kakar exhorts. “We should sacrifice ourselves today to have a bright and better future for our children. If we are scared or if we don’t stand up, Afghanistan will remain like this and the future will be dark.”


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A Celebration of Women

Cares…. about Ranna Tareen.

Our Prayers go out to

All Our Women in Afghanistan.

Speak Out, Ranna….WE are listening!

We hear You!

May God Himself Bless You.

A Celebration of Women


  1. Today, here in Britain we have watched long lines of former and serving soldiers marching past the Cenotaph, in Whitehall, the memorial to the Fallen Dead in War, the millions of men who were sent to fight the Germans and Japanese in World Wars, but to my mind however brave they were – and many were very brave – their bravery does not compare to the bravery of women in deadly-conflict regions like Afghanistan and Iraq and the DRC particularly who are standing up, often as individual and isolated spokespeople for their countrywomen and all womankind.
    The cowardly acts of the ignorant men who disfigure them or kill them dooms these men not to paradise but some endless Hell.

  2. abdul waheed khan tareen says

    hi madeem wishe u fine madeem i have a lote of comments to write for u but i do,nt no english
    but i no pasto and urdu if u no then i will……….

  3. Titilayomi Anike says

    May your cries be heard in the Heavenlies. I feel great to be part of this and am proud to be associated with these Women of Destiny. Be richly and highly blessed!

  4. The suffering of women in the year 2010 is unbelievible…how can men hate so much? I shall pray for you and send my love to you all..

  5. Laura Fortino-Bellabody commented on your link:

    “Women definitely still struggle in many places to be seen, heard & even cared about, but I wouldn’t say nobody cares Diana. Many men do care and are willing to see women as equal human beings. I know my husband does. In America women have made great strides & we will continue. We’ve come a long way, we just need to keep helping to carve that road out for women of the future. “

  6. Keep reaching out Ranna, please don’t stop reaching! You are in our hearts and prayers.

  7. In spirit I stand beside you Ranna and will pray for your safety. You are a brave sister that I will never meet, but you should know that you are an inspiration to woman of peace everywhere. When they intimidate you, feel the hands of thousands holding yours. You are more than a person, more than a woman — you are a force. Bless you.

  8. I care. But what can I do to help?

  9. These women have struggled and contintue to under the worst of circumstances and against all odds. I support them in all they endeavor to do. There is no greater strength the the hearts and minds of women uniting for freedom against opression and abuse. We should have one united coalition and joinhearts and hands across the universe for dignity, freedom, and independance.

  10. Marcelle says

    My heart goes out to you Ranna and to all the brave women standing up for what is good and right. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Light and blessings.

  11. Karin Woodard says

    What has the war done to help these women?? It seems nothing has changed. These women are in more danger than ever before. The taliban is afraid of women because they are more powerful and intelligent than they are. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ranna!!!

  12. I held my breath as I read and witnessed the pictures of abuse. In this day and age which is supposed to be civilized, the brutality continues and it even happens in our own homes. It only takes one person to stand up for their truth and for another to acknowledge it. What would happen if we all gave voice to being done in our own lives and stop the brutality and abuse that occurs everyday?

    My heart and my thoughts go out to you for being so brave and to speak up and out for yourself and other women.

  13. Christine says

    My heart aches for you and many other women enduring any kind of abuse. Please know you are in my prayers. Much love.

  14. My heart weeps for you dear women..no human being should be so shunned, abused or killed…May your cries be heard around the World; may you be protect. Much love….

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