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A New Message From VERONICA

Each Soul Chooses Its Path

“In times of difficulty many embark upon a pilgrimage to find an easement to their suffering. Depending upon the belief system, the true path to that relief is wrought with different steps. The end result, however, is always a reconnection to their spiritual cores.

One would suppose that more advanced souls would not have a problem with that, however, the path to evolution can become more complicated in that advancement.

All souls regardless of status seek the clarity of a quirt threshold to create their reality eloquently. It is important to quiet the noise of the linear while seeking the ability to create it. A true reality for those who are indeed participating in the linear.

Create if you will a moment daily where the calmness of your thoughts supersede all others. Physical realities are fulled with activity and drama.

Each soul chooses its path through that noise of participation. Stepping away from the noise is essential for clear creativity. If you are embedded in complicated drama, decide to step away until a moment of clarity is attained.

The soul is supreme in its ability to navigate the path to your evolution. Allow it a quiet moment to do its job. The soul desperately moves towards advancement. In a moment of silence, allow it to do so.

If the soul is not distracted it will lead you to ultimate advancement.

Simply silence the noise.

The soul will do the rest.

Allow it.

It is possible.”


April Crawford Testimonials ….

April, Veronica and Allan!

From the depths of my being I wish to take
this opportunity and thank you for allowing Veronica to speak to me through

Words cannot describe how much I felt
loved and supported during our
conversation. The words I heard brought me so
much peace and relief and confirmed to me my belief that we are never alone. I
was so overwhelmed with joy afterwards that I


you blessings and love,




“Dear Allen, April, and Veronica,

Thank you for a wonderful reading
today! As a professional therapist I was able to get the perfect guidance I
needed, both for myself and my clients. I look forward to further readings as
needed in the future.
Blessings and many thanks for all you


“Veronica, April &

wanted to thank you all again for the amazing experience I had talking with
Veronica last night. It was the third conversation I had with her. I would
recommend that anyone who wants to feel loved, or perhaps doubt they are loved,
should call to have a personal conversation with Veronica. She truly
communicates the deep love spirit has for each of us. I got a meaningful answer
to every single question I asked. It is a beautiful gift and I am very grateful
to April Crawford for making the conversation


“Hi to April, Allen and

had my second reading with Veronica on Sept. 21 and found it as interesting and
relevant as my first reading back in December!

The questions I came up with were of
interest to me, but may have sounded very mundane. However, the answers from
Veronica were SO right-on, and so to the point, it felt as though I had known
them in the deepest part of myself but could not put them into words. When you
ask Veronica a question you truly are given the “essence” in her

I will be in touch for another
reading. I’m starting to get the hang of talking with Veronica and therefore my
questions are starting to take on a deeper tone. Can’t wait to go the next

Thanks to all of you for making this

Peace always,



“Hello Allen!

Thank you
again!!!! That was so amazing & I still have more questions formulating. I
will try for another chat very possibly towards the end of next month. I have a
glowing review for the website, though I see there are already so many glowing
testamonials you hardly need it – but heck – I feel inspired so here goes:

In my journey I have read countless Seth/Jane books and I am also an
avid student of Abraham-Hicks. I believe without any doubt whatsoever that
Veronica is most assuredly & 100% the genuine article. It is as close as I
can imagine speaking to Seth or Abraham one-on-one could be. I am SO MUCH
the richer for finally treating myself to this life
affirming experience- what a treat it was! So much fun!!!!

Thankyou so
very much April, Allen, Veronica!!!




I had my second conversation with
Veronica on Friday. I want to thank you so much for making that conversation
possible. It was life changing and so, so uplifting. You are blessed with a
wonderful gift and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate

Thank you again for making such a
valuable conversation possible for me!



“What an amazing reading. Recently, I’ve
had a few readings done for me, but nothing like this. Speaking with Veronica
was pure, organic, and I felt a warm feeling of love. This experience was truly
different and exciting. Writing down the words and comments given by Veronica
allowed me to look deeper into myself. I’m ready to make changes without fear
and doubt and with the guidance of Veronica, I know that positive change is
coming. Thank you. Thank you.

Warm regards,


“Hi Allen,

This is Annie. I had a reading with
Veronica a couple weeks ago, and wanted another reading with Veronica. It was
amazing, and I have been wanting another reading ever since.
I would like a 1
hour session.

Thank you,


Allen and April,

Thank you for allowing me to speak with
Veronica…her answers were very meaningful to both my husband and

Blessings and love Christine

Good Morning Allen: Just a quick note of
thanks to both yourself and April…..It was wonderful to connect with

Kindest regards, Ann”

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