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Not To Be Missed Workshop with Danielle Henderson UK

Paranormal Investigator

Sat July 30th 10 – 1pm



I am hosting this incredible workshop for visiting psychic,

Danielle Henderson – a.k.a ‘The Harley Street Psychic’.


Danielle is a well known UK Clairvoyant Medium and Paranormal Investigator with over 15 years experience. With approx 900 hrs of Sky TV appearances, her shows help to de-mystify the world of spirit and the paranormal.

Danielle has not hosted a workshop in San Diego for many years so this is a rare event and one not to be missed.

Take a moment to watch these three videos of Danielle. Two are where she is driven to an unknown destination by a film crew.

View my videos on YouTube

View my videos on YouTube

View my videos on YouTube

(intro to Danielle’s Work)

This Powerful Three Hour Workshop will unfold many secrets- learn from a true paranormal expert about:


  • True Documented Paranormal Events.


  • How to handle a Ghost in your house.


  • How to ‘remove’ a Ghost in your house.


  • The Tools you need to use.


  • Ghost versus Spirit – how to tell the difference?


  • Is it your imagination or did you ‘see’ something?


  • Use your intuition to see Energy/Attachments around others.


  • How to Connect to YOUR loved ones and feel them around you?


  • Readings and messages from spirit.


This 3 hour ‘Play Date’ will inform, thrill and validate the paranormal occurrences that co-exist with us.


See you at …….

Saturday 30 th July 2011 10 am – 1 pm in Mission Valley


Investment Only $49 per person –

Book now, ensure your spot!


Click Here To Book Now


Or Email me at [email protected]


Hope to see you there!

Love & light





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