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Long ago before the great flood a divine race existed. The race of men and women lived the Laws of Spirit, were highly intelligent and expressed a selfless behavior as well as a clear understanding and the ability to control matter. At the same time they lived, a more primitive human existed with a lesser consciousness and light, a consciousness that was sensual, selfish with limited intelligence.

Some beings from the divine and noble race became attracted to daughters of men from the primitive race and together bore children. I use the word ‘divine’ to denote a more advanced consciousness. There are numerous scriptural references to the two lines of creation and the choice to begin a new line, a line we today refer to as humans.

Many divine beings left earth before the onslaught of the flood and the sinking of their homeland. Some beings chose to remain and travel to farther regions to build new civilizations in other parts of the world. Wherever they settled, pyramids were built and life flourished. Those who remained continued to impregnate the existing, less intelligent and developed women. As centuries passed, what remained of the pure and noble energy was weakened and purity, light, selflessness, love, genuine wisdom and inner power diminished.

I mention the long ago past because it very simply explains our world today. Humanity has not advanced high or far enough to be referred to as divine humans, although the spark is within, because the majority are still living from the energy of selfishness and sensuality. We have passed through thousands of years of suffering because people are basically existing in a spiritual draught. Once in a great while an amazing example of a spiritual giant will bless us with grace and radiance leaving a guidepost to assist our soul evolution. Yet, how many followers ‘walk the talk’? Because of the lesser level of human consciousness, many of the authentic geniuses projecting Radiant Light, wisdom and unconditional love have fled, been ridiculed or killed for speaking truth.

Today, more of us are aware that we have entered a higher cycle of existence although the appearance world demonstrates otherwise. A greater influx of celestial Light is available for souls who have prepared for change and choose to transform themselves into a true son/daughter of God. We are projections of the One Mind, God the Absolute Power and Presence. It is also impossible to describe a Power and Presence that is beyond human language. For the most part, individuals are incapable of believing that a projection, a seed, a spark of the Supreme One lives within each and every one of us.

Because we have a serious spiritual identity problem, we suffer. The average human lives by the law of the physical senses and the ego not realizing that he/she also have spiritual senses and a more subtle light body and higher soul purpose.

Change is everywhere. It is an energy we can count on, as are the cycles of soul evolution. The more we individually achieve balance in our physical body, mind and soul, the easier it becomes to expand our inner divine light. We are responsible for our own transformation. As we take the initiative, celestial help becomes available and suffering lessens. Eventually, a united humanity will reflect the divine essence visibly and tangibly. We can as individuals through personal choice do achieve this balance as a result of the greater influx of Light. It is a moment-by-moment climb and we have the ‘power’ in our ‘blood’ to be victorious and return consciously Home again.

July 31, 2011

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