ONTARIO is Breaking The Cycle Of Violence for our Muslim Women

Breaking The Cycle Of Violence


McGuinty Government Helps Victim Services For Newcomers In London

A London project will help address family violence in immigrant and refugee communities.

The province is supporting the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration which helps families that have re-located to London from
international conflict zones.

The project will coordinate resources from a number of local service providers such as police, hospitals and child welfare services, in order to best respond to these victims’ unique needs.

The tools and resources developed from the project will benefit additional social service agencies that are working to address family violence among immigrants and refugees in London and will help develop the provincewide strategy.


  • The Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration is receiving
    $200,000 from the Ontario government, which includes $80,000 from the Victims’
    Justice Fund and a $120,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
  • This project builds on the success of the internationally acclaimed Muslim
    Family Safety Project, founded by Dr. Mohammed Baobaid in 2004, which helps to
    raise awareness of family violence in London’s Muslim community, educate victims
    about their rights and help prevent future violence.
  • Ontario’s Victims’ Justice Fund is used to provide
    services to support victims of crime and their families, and help prevent
  • Each year the government invests more than $208 million in services that
    help address violence against women and children.



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  • Persian
  • Urdu



  • Nauman Khan
    Minister’s Office
    (416) 326-1785


  • Brendan Crawley


Ministry of the Attorney General
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