New Moon In Cancer, Leo & Virgo ~ Elsa P: July 28, 2011

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Imagination, inspiration and theatrics collide under the new moon in Leo on Saturday. If you like drama and entertainment, you’re in luck! The new moon offers creative types endless opportunities to create a big show with lots of tricks and there is always an audience for that.

Our week begins on Thursday as the Moon in Cancer fills in the Cardinal Grand Cross. People feel pressured but the moon moves quickly so the influence is fleeting and can be ignored.

You can compare this to waiting in line for a ticket to a popular show. It’s tedious but tolerable because the air is crackling with excitement and anticipation in advance of the big show. There is also group-think phenomena going on as everyone in the crowd has a common interest. Astrologically, this is shown by Mercury entering its own sign, Virgo, in exact opposition to Neptune in its own sign, Pisces. Minds merge and with both planets in their home signs, I see a good result here.

On Friday, excitement builds as we head towards the new moon in Leo that takes place mid-day on Saturday in the US. Leo and drama go hand in hand, but the effects of this new moon will be enhanced and expanded due to an aspect from Venus and Jupiter.

The new moon conjuncts Venus which adds sweetness and love into the mix. Jupiter in Taurus squares the new moon and Venus which takes this whole thing over the top. You can expect showy displays of affection like, “I love you honey, here’s Fort Knox!” In other cases, people will over-promise: “I love you forever…or at least through this weekend.”div>

On Sunday, the Moon remains in Leo and people continue to buzz with the kind of excitement you get from new love or a new puppy. It’s a “happy childhood” vibe.

Monday, we come down from the buzz but land smoothly. This is because the Moon in Virgo is part of a grand trine in earth which will ease our re-entry into the work week.

Tuesday, tension builds as Mars prepares to leave Gemini for Cancer on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Mars hits Cancer as the Moon enters Libra. This gives us the fourth Cardinal Grand Cross in a series that we’ve endured this summer. Having dealt with a Cardinal Grand Cross for the last few months, you’re probably familiar with the pressure and limits it provides. But now, with Mars involved, the potential for violence is increased and undeniable.

I will deal with this more in next week’s letter but it suffices to say, we are dealing with Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect here. None of these planets has a squishy-sugary side so prepare for jarring shocks at the very least.

I hate to be a broken record but your bonds with others (Saturn in Libra) provide the best defense and support in this scenario. Investing in people of high integrity is recommended, as is demonstrating this quality yourself.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P

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