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1) The first thing I want to tell you about is a three part teleclass series, taking place on three consecutive Wednesdays in August, on Relationships As A Spiritual Adventure. According to A Course in Miracles, relationships are “assignments,” in which people are brought together for maximal and mutual growth opportunity. Our relationships can be trips to heaven or trips to hell, depending on how we ourselves choose to interact with another person. Knowing the principles of loving relationship— recognizing the spiritual lessons afforded us by each encounter — gives us skill and even mastery at this basic human experience.

It is through relationships that we either rise to our most creative possibilities in life, or fall into the patterns of fear that would consistently hold us back. In this three part series of ninety minute calls, I will reflect on the spiritual and psychological principles that give us the light and understanding to emotionally soar.

The last third of every class will include questions from participants.

Register now for my three-part teleclass series on “Relationships as a Spiritual Adventure.” The classes will be held on August 17, 24 and 31.


2) The on-demand video of the A Return to Love / A Course In Miracles Workshop that I gave on the July 4th weekend is now available for purchase. It was a great weekend, and I’m glad to be able to make it available to you now. Below are some comments from a few of participants:

Jeffrey B. – Thank you for a truly great workshop this past weekend. I had moments of the experience of truth, which is priceless, and my workbook lesson took on a whole new level of clarity today.

Christa H. – As the Course workshop came to a close yesterday, tears of joy and deep gratitude poured from my heart. This work is beautiful. Thank you, Marianne, for your example, your words and your immense love for humanity!

Tracy – Marianne: I spent years not being able to get through the first 10 pages of the Course In Miracles – it felt so dense and challenging. After this weekend with you, I cannot put it down! It is deep and yet it is so simple and clear to me.

Nancy B. – Thank you for a fabulous weekend! I was in NY live streaming… I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity.

Natalie L. – The A Course In Miracles Workshop was beyond description!!! You had to be there! 🙂 I am so grateful, I thank you Marianne from the bottom of my heart. What a class act it all was! It was MIRACULOUS in of itself!!!


3) On July 26th, I taught a free teleclass called “Unemployment, God and the Law of Divine Compensation.” If the talk is helpful to you, feel free to send it around to anyone else whom you think might benefit!


4) On Monday, August 1st, I will NOT be lecturing in Los Angeles. That night’s guest speaker will be A Course In Miracles lecturer Jacob Glass. I will return to my regular Monday night schedule on Monday, August 8th at 7:30pm. For audio recordings go to To purchase video lectures go to


5) If you’re interested in receiving a weekly download of my lectures, beginning with my archived material, check out THE MIRACLE MATRIX.


6) Here is my lecture schedule over the next three months…including my regular Monday nights in Los Angeles, visits to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; Irvine, CA; Tel Aviv, Israel; New York, NY; and London, England.


7) I will be speaking at the annual conference put on by the Miracle Distribution Center on Saturday, August 13th at 1:30pm.


I send you all my best wishes. I’m honored to think I have added to your journey in any way, and I hope I continue to do work that earns your good will.

With love,

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