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INSPIRATION Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self
by Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Gardner C. Taylor Dr. Gardner C. Taylor’s Faith in the Fire
PONDER THIS! Heather Marie Wilson Seeds of Freedom
by Heather Marie Wilson
SELF-HELP ADVICE Doreen Virtue Find Your Life Purpose
by Doreen Virtue
ON DEMAND Charles Virtue Stressbusters: Shift Happens
with Robert Holden
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Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the SelfDavid R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.


Inspiration Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self
12 Life Lessons to Contemplate
by Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
The path beyond somewhere…The approach to spiritual progress isn’t one of “getting somewhere,” as there is no “where” to get. Instead, you’re guided to transcend your ego and shed all illusions so that Truth stands revealed.

The sun is always shining; you need only remove the clouds.

On your spiritual journey to a higher truth, here are 12 life lessons to contemplate. It is in reading, rereading, and contemplating the meaning behind the words that one’s understanding ripens.

1. It is not really necessary to subdue the ego, but merely to stop identifying with it.

2. It is a relief to let the mind become silent and just “be” with surroundings.

3. Reality becomes self-evident when the obstructions of perception and mental activity are removed, including all belief systems.

4. The inner truth reveals itself when all other options are refused by surrender to God.

5. When one realizes that one is the universe—complete and at one with All That Is, forever without end—no further suffering is possible.

6. The love of God is absolute and unconditional. The sky does not “be” for some people and “not be” for others, nor does the sun shine on only a select few who have been arbitrarily chosen. God is complete and total.

7. The Self is like one’s inner grandmother who watches over a child so he does not forget to take his raincoat or mail the rent check.

8. It is not possible to arrive at Truth and ignore consciousness, because Truth is the very product of consciousness.

9. To even hear of enlightenment is already the rarest of gifts. Anyone who has ever heard of enlightenment will never be satisfied with anything else.

10. Enlightenment is the ultimate aesthetic awareness, for it allows the beauty of creation to shine forth with stunning clarity.

11. The goal of society in general is to succeed in the world, whereas the goal of enlightenment is to transcend beyond it.

12. In the end, it will be found that the sacrifice of letting go of the mind is actually the greatest gift one can receive.


Since he was three years old, Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., felt a heightened awareness of life. In his lifelong quest to solve the paradox of existence, he discovered a path of enlightenment that is scientifically compelling to modern society. Known around the globe as an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer and mystic, Dr. Hawkins is the author of more than eight volumes, including the bestseller Power vs. Force. His authorized biographer Scott Jeffrey has compiled a new collection of inspiring passages from Dr. Hawkins’s work in this month’s new release: Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self.

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Faith in the FireDr. Gardner C. Taylor


Focus on Hay House Author Dr. Gardner C. Taylor’s Faith in the Fire
Faith will last when all else fails…The legendary giant Dr. Gardner Calvin Taylor has intrigued and fascinated me for decades. I first learned about him in the late 1980s. During a chance meeting at a local drugstore in my hometown of Ville Platte, Louisiana, my pastor, M. L. Thomas, and I started chatting about the annual session of the National Baptist Convention of America. I asked about convention activities and immediately he replied that Gardner Taylor was a guest preacher and he was “unbelievable.” He unconsciously shook his head left to right several times like a person who had witnessed something amazing, but could not believe that which he saw.

The name Gardner Taylor did not escape me. Audiotapes of his preaching occasionally came into my possession. Later, I learned of a weekly Baton Rouge radio broadcast hosted by his friend Carl Stewart that featured many of his messages. Sunday after Sunday, I listened to this Baton Rouge preacher borrowed by Brooklyn who wove a seamless, sermonic tapestry unlike anything I had ever heard.

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Taylor was called to First African Mount Zion Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the pulpit once occupied by his father. In 1948, Taylor became pastor of the Concord Baptist Church of Brooklyn, New York, the church where he earned his reputation as a fighter for social justice and community uplift, and received acclaim as one of the greatest preachers in American history.

I finally met Dr. Taylor while studying at Louisiana College in March of 1992. The powerful impact of his words, cogent arguments, and homiletical genius arrested my attention. We have since developed a unique bond that has played an unbelievably large and important role in my life. Although we are not related, we are soil-kin, both reared in the bosom of Louisiana (though decades apart), a fact that binds us as well as many other Bayou State preachers into an informal family with deep roots in rich traditions.

Faith has been the thread that weaves the fabric of Faith in the Fire together. It is also the subject of the eponymous final chapter, which outlines Taylor’s vision of what is the most essential tool for our human odyssey. Gardner Taylor has determined that God inspires us to faith and that our faith in God, ourselves, and others does sustain us along treacherous paths of life. Real faith allows us to cope, endure, and persevere. This kind of faith is the faith that protects us in the fire of life’s inevitable challenges.

Though Dr.Gardner C. Taylor’s writings, speeches, and sermons have been published in many forms, and have achieved remarkable fame and respect in religious circles, precious few of these treasures have found their way to the general reader. Amazingly, many people of faith and members of the reading public have not heard of Gardner Taylor or his accomplishments. Publication of Faith in the Fire attempts to rectify this by providing an accessible introduction to Dr. Taylor’s enduring wisdom. My hope and prayer is that this treasured collection will bless all who seek Faith in the Fire.

As in the words of Dr. Gardner Taylor:
Faith does not spring full-blown and grown; it must have roots. Those roots must sink in the ground of experience. People’s faith easily changes when it is not rooted and grounded. But, deep and radical experiences confirm our faith. We can go back to the scenes and places, to situations and circumstances, and realize it was our faith that saw us through. We have come this far not by wealth or earthly goods. We have come this far by faith.

-The Reverend Edward L.Taylor, editor of Faith in the Fire, a collection of Dr. Gardner C.Taylor’s wisdom for life.

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Seeds of FreedomHeather Marie Wilson
Ponder This Seeds of Freedom
Cultivating a Life that Matters
by Heather Marie Wilson
Ready, set, GROW. . .The alarm went off. Since it had only been a few hours since I’d gone to bed, I rolled over and hit the snooze button. I really enjoyed my job and was energized by the work, but it had become all-consuming at some point. My work had even crept into my dreams at night.

Work always came first, and the long list of “emergencies” I tended to face in the course of my days routinely caused me to put myself last. For example, on this particular day, my boss asked me to join him for an impromptu meeting—and since I was eager to please, I attended. After all, I was a good corporate citizen playing my role within the company culture. By the time the meeting ended, my body was out of energy. I went home, ate a quick dinner, and went to bed so that I could get up the next day and do the whole thing all over again.

I had dreamed of living a creative and meaningful life, but the reality was that there was no time for anything but work, work, and more work. There was no time for friends or hiking or that salsa class I’d always wanted to take. There was no time to build a relationship with a partner, learn a new language, or travel to exotic places. How had I gotten here? I’d always been a vivacious and exciting woman who wanted to live life to the fullest, yet now I felt as if I were living in a prison. It was a prison of conformity, and I didn’t fit in.

Then one day I stared out my office window and noticed a scattering of violets among the grass. They reminded me of the violets that had grown wild where I’d grown up, but unlike those of my youth, I was unable to reach these flowers that were growing outside. It dawned on me that all of my accomplishments—my external success—meant nothing if I wasn’t interacting out in the world. I realized that I was trapped behind glass like an animal in the zoo. I was inside an office building for most hours of the day with fluorescent lights instead of sunshine, artificial plants instead of real ones, and circulated air instead of fresh. Was my entire life artificial as well?

All of a sudden, I had a flash of knowing and realized that the prison bars were in my mind. I was responsible for creating my own happiness, and I’d allowed my life to be gobbled up by my professional responsibilities at the expense of practically everything else. No wonder I was miserable! And the worst part was that I was the one who had imprisoned myself.

So I decided to plant a garden.

I thought that if the power of the Universe made that tender little violet so beautiful and strong, maybe planting a garden would not only get me back to my roots, but also help me tap into that power of the Universe to find myself.

In the beginning, I thought of my garden as a flicker of light in vast darkness. But the more time I spent with my plants, the brighter the light became . . . and I realized that I was moving toward something magnificent. I was discovering freedom. Planting a garden saved my life.

The lessons I learned about being present in the moment—about the importance of the elemental gifts of nourishment and connection, light and shade, balance and renewal—sowed the seeds of freedom, greater meaning, and peaceful happiness that eventually bloomed throughout my whole life. But at the time, I had no idea how important this small exercise of planting a garden would become.


Are you trapped in an office, buried under work, or otherwise so busy that you never see your family and friends? Do you crave a life that matters? Heather Marie Wilson knows exactly how you feel. For years she was caught in the “success spiral,” until she finally broke free by simply planting a garden. In the process, she rediscovered what gave her enthusiasm for life—and this ultimately led her to quit her job as a corporate executive at a Fortune 50 company and help others find their own paths to authenticity, joy and true freedom. In her insightful new book Seeds of Freedom, Heather can help you rediscover your ability to live a life of creative expression and endless possibility.

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Life PurposeDoreen Virtue
Self-Help Advice
Find Your Life Purpose
And Let Your Angels Help!
by Doreen Virtue
What path is right for you?“What is my life purpose?” is the question I’m most commonly asked, and with good reason! Each and every one of us has an equally important purpose. When we’re working on it, our entire lives become healed. We feel happier and healthier. Even our finances improve!

Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others and be emotionally rewarding. This role also ensures soul growth for you and comes with a guarantee that you’ll be completely supported as you fulfill it.

Everyone’s mission has the same underlying element of love. In essence, we’re all here to learn, remember, and teach this powerful emotion. Every action that we take either demonstrates fear or love. When we choose the path of love, we grow spiritually, help others, and balance our karma.

The question about life purpose relates to which form your path of love will take. Will you be a healer, teacher, artist, parent, caregiver, and so forth? Most people ask for a life-purpose reading because they want to find a career that is meaningful and pays the bills. They want a guarantee that they can quit their present job and be financially secure.

There is a guarantee, provided that you’re willing to carefully listen to and follow your inner Divine guidance. Archangel Michael knows what your, and everyone else’s, life purpose involves. He is the overseer of life purposes, like an orchestra conductor who ensures that all musicians are playing their parts. You, like one of the musicians in the orchestra, are much needed, and your contribution is just as important as everyone else’s. We are each playing a role in God’s plan of peace.

Fortunately, your life purpose involves actions and topics that you’re already interested in. Usually, it is centered around activities that you’d do for free just for the joy of it! If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, ask a trusted loved one. This person has observed which topics and pursuits excite you. And these are the bases for your life purpose.

This purpose is so exciting and rewarding that you’ll wake up in the morning invigorated about the day ahead. Abundance will flow to you because you’ll naturally spend so much time on this endeavor. Your excitement will drive you to become very proficient at it.

My new Life Purpose Oracle Cards were designed to help you identify your specific life purpose. They show different forms of missions in order to give you insight about your soul’s chosen path. As you draw a card, notice your body’s reactions. You’ll know you’re on the right track when it relaxes and feels simultaneously joyful and peaceful.

Oracle cards are an ancient, time-honored way to connect with angels and archangels. They’re based upon Pythagorean numerology, which states that all numbers and images vibrate in a mathematically precise manner.

You can’t make a mistake with these oracle cards because they operate alongside the infallible Law of Attraction. This means that your questions (or those of the individual you’re reading for) always attract the perfect cards as answers. That is, you’ll always pull the one whose answer matches the vibration of the question.

After her life was saved by an angel during an armed carjacking in 1995, angel expert and clairvoyant Doreen Virtue found her life purpose—devoting her time to researching and teaching angel experiences. She created the new Life Purpose Oracle Cards, with the guidance of the angels, to help you to conduct accurate and trustworthy readings to explore your career and spiritual path. Whether you’re seeking answers for yourself or your loved ones and clients, these cards can yield valuable insights. As Doreen says, “The angels are happy to guide every aspect of your life purpose!” Talk to Doreen live on her online radio show Angel Therapy®.

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Hay House Radio logoCharles Virtue On DemandCharles Virtue
On Demand Stressbusters Online Course (Lesson 1)
Shift Happens: The Art of Transforming Stress into Success with Robert Holden
In appreciation of your continued love and support and for being a part of our Present Moments family of readers, we invite you to listen to this complimentary clip from one of our On Demand downloads from a recent online Web class featuring your favorite Hay House authors.This Month’s Featured On Demand Web Course:

Stressbusters Online Course (Lesson 1)
Shift Happens: The Art of Transforming Stress into Success with Robert Holden

What is stress exactly? And, is there such as thing as “good” stress, which you can use to your advantage? In this fun and hands-on lesson, Dr. Robert Holden gives you a practical definition of what stress is, and how you can use stress to enjoy greater happiness and success in your life. Robert draws upon his experience of running his government-sponsored clinic in the UK called Stress Busters. Listen in as he shares his innovative approach to stress management and gives you proven methods and creative exercises that will help you to shift your life–starting now!

Click here to listen to this month’s clip.

Click here to access the On Demand Web Course.

Click here to access all Special Live Online Events and On Demand downloads now available. You can listen to your favorite authors in these Web classes again and again! New audio downloads and courses become available weekly. Bookmark this page to see what’s new.

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Schedule of Upcoming Events Author Lectures, Workshops and Live Online Events
Mastering the Art of Manifestation and Healing
Mastering the Art of Manifestation and Healing
with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Caroline Myss
Boston, MA
November 6, 2011Register Now and Save up to $50»
(Early registration ends August 2, 2011)Do you have beliefs in your life that prevent you from improving the health of your body, mind, or spirit?

Or, what about the health of your relationships or creativity or your attitudes?

Do you love what you do, and do what you love in life? Are you impatient, waiting for good things to happen?

Click here for complete event details.

I Can Do It!® 2011 Tampa
I Can Do It!® 2011 Tampa
Tampa, FL
November 11-13, 2011Register before August 10th and SAVE $50 on a full-conference pass!Now you can join your favorite authors for a weekend retreat in Tampa! Join us for a Day or the Entire Weekend!

Join more than 20 renowned speakers—Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, Cheryl Richardson and more—for a weekend of reviving your mind, rejuvenating your body, and renewing your spirit.

Click here for complete conference event details.

Speak Write & Promote 
Speak, Write and Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker
Building a Multimedia Platform that Brings Your Message to the World!
September 9-11, 2011 New York, NY — Register Now!Do you have an important message to share with the world? Do you have a dream to write a book, build a speaking career, appear on TV, or host your own radio show?

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Three workshop participants will be chosen to either host their very own weekly radio show on Hay House Radio, host a live online event or secure a $10,000 advance and publishing contract with Hay House!

The most successful authors, teachers, and speakers know that it takes a firm commitment of time and energy to build the kind of platform that not only reaches millions, but also grabs the interest of publishers, producers, editors, or speaker’s bureaus. If you’re a mover and shaker, and you’re ready to make that kind of commitment, then you’ll want to register now for this exciting event! Click for complete details.

I Can Do It! New York
I Can Do It!® 2011 New York
New York, NY
September 17-18, 2011Register HereWe are excited to bring the I Can Do It! Conference to New York City for the first time! Treat yourself to a weekend soul retreat with these amazing Hay House authors: Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Robert Holden, Ph.D., Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue, Iyanla Vanzant, Cheryl Richardson and Marianne Williamson.

Join us for a day or the entire weekend in the “Big Apple”!

Click here for complete conference event details.

I Can Do It! Pasadena
I Can Do It!® 2011 Pasadena
Pasadena, CA
October 14-16, 2011Register before August 10th and SAVE $50 on a full-conference pass!Pasadena is an historic and culturally vibrant city in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. And now Pasadena is on the map again—as home to the city’s first-ever I Can Do It Conference!

Join more than 20 renowned speakers—Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, Cheryl Richardson and more—for a weekend of reviving your mind, rejuvenating your body, and renewing your spirit

Click here for complete conference event details.

Psychic Medium Intensive
Psychic Medium Intensive
Take Your Ability & Business To The Next Level with Bob Olson
Special Appearance by Psychic Medium, John Holland

New York City, New York
November 19-20, 2011Register by September 1st and SAVE!A Weekend Training Workshop for Psychics and Mediums (beginners to advanced) with Psychic Medium Researcher, Bob Olson— Founder of BestPsychicDirectory.com and BestPsychicMediums.com.

Click here for complete conference event details.

Australian Cruise 2012
Australian Cruise 2012
with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy
January 4-17, 2012Register NowJoin Hay House for an Extraordinary Thirteen-Day Australian Cruise. From Sydney, Australia visit the exotic islands of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Vanuatu. Choose from 2 programs:

Program #1
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Mastering the Art of Manifestation

Program #2
Speak, Write & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker
Cheryl Richardson, Reid Tracy and Special Guest Dr. Wayne Dyer

Click here for complete event details.

Psychic Medium Intensive
Shadow Process Retreat
Your Immersion into Emotional Freedom with Debbie Ford

San Diego, CA
February 10-12, 2011Register by December 12 and SAVE $200!In this exclusive retreat, you will make peace with the whole range of your human emotions. Befriend your grief, your sadness, your loneliness, and your anger. Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy, and success and learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be.

Click here for complete conference event details.

Mastering the Art of Manifestation with Dr. Wayne Dyer
Mastering the Art of Manifestation with Dr. Wayne Dyer
Minneapolis • New York • Chicago • Pasadena • Boston • Tampa • Australia • MauiSee Dr. Wayne W. Dyer LIVE!—Register Early and SAVE! Join Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in Mastering the Art of Manifestation, where he explores his most astonishing subject yet: the power of attracting your needs and desires into your life. Mastering the Art of Manifestation is an all-new workshop that focuses on the ancient principle of manifesting through the timeless art of meditation. With characteristic insight and clarity, Wayne teaches the process of meditation as a way to streamline your thoughts, desires, and goals, and to bring what you most desire into your life. Whether you realize it or not, you struggle with built-in societal barriers that obstruct your inner potential.

Click here for complete conference event details.


The Raw Basics Detox



Jaki Bent

Kate Trafford

August Live Online and On Demand Events:
Enjoy From the Comfort of Your Own Home
View All Online Events

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader:
An Online Professional Certification Course with Denise Linn
Become an oracle card reader! This online certification course gives you the tools that you need to become a clear channel for readings.In this transformational online certification course, acclaimed healer, author, and teacher Denise Linn, creator of the Soul Coaching Oracle Card Deck, shares her wealth of expertise on tapping into your inner wisdom so you can active your intuition and gain the inner tools that you need to start your practice as a professional oracle card reader. Click here to view complete details.

Creating a Successful and Balanced Life with Chris Vanderzyden

Click Here to Register—It’s FREE!

Learn how to successfully navigate change in this practical and empowering FREE live online seminar with work/life balance expert Chris Vanderzyden! A participant in Speak, Write & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker with Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy. So, don’t miss this opportunity! Click here for complete details.

Special Note: Hay House is bringing this special live online event to you for free! If you can’t make the live event, it will be for sale in our on demand library after the live lesson has aired.

Cracking Your Karma Code: Quantum Life Coaching Online Certification, Level 2 with Sandra Anne Taylor

In this information-packed live online certification course, Sandra Anne Taylor, New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned consciousness creation expert, reveals the power of your encoded consciousness. You may be surprised at what vital information from your past is still significantly influencing your present reality! Click here to view complete details.

Every live participant will receive a free download of a relationship regression and relationship re-scripting process and will be entered into a drawing for free book bundles and a free reading.

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Just in Print

The Latest Releases from Hay House

To purchase, visit your local bookstore or click on the titles for more information.

Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self
Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self 12 Life Lessons to Contemplate
by Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.This pocket edition is designed especially for today’s spiritual student on the go, to inspire contemplation and reflection during a break at work, while hiking in the woods, during a quiet coffee-shop moment, on an airplane, with a partner-in whatever environment one finds oneself. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self is a reliable companion on the aspirant’s quest toward higher truth.

Faith in the Fire
Faith in the Fire Wisdom for Life
Hardcover with CD
by Dr. Gardner C. TaylorIn Faith in the Fire, civil rights activist and social-justice pioneer Dr. Gardner Taylor shares the inspirational wisdom gained throughout his extraordinary career as one of America’s most legendary and beloved preachers. The treasures collected here will inspire readers to pause and reflect on their lives and faith. Contained in this volume are Dr. Taylor’s observations, reflections, and teachings on subjects ranging from fear and faith to politics and integrity to wisdom and laughter. Each chapter’s eloquent messages have been selected to engage readers and support their deeper spiritual inquiry.

Life Purpose
Life Purpose Oracle Cards
by Doreen VirtueThis card deck by Doreen Virtue will allow you to conduct accurate and trustworthy readings to explore that life purpose. Each of the 44 beautifully illustrated cards contains an illuminating message from the angels related to this topic.The accompanying guidebook explains the general meanings of the cards and provides specific details that can offer more clarity about your career and spiritual path. Whether you’re seeking answers for yourself or your loved ones and clients, these cards can yield valuable insights.

Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards
Hay House’s Apps for Your iPhone & iPod Touch!Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards
by Doreen Virtue

This 44-card deck offers comforting and uplifting messages to set a positive and healing tone for the day. It also functions as a divination tool, as you can ask a question and find the message that gives you guidance and answers. This work is designed to help you stay centered in peacefulness throughout the day, and to remember that your angels are always beside you, ready to help you with every area of your life.

Click here to order this app and more.

Keep checking for the latest Hay House iPhone and iPod Touch apps by clicking here.

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Linda Leaming
Smiles Required

The Funny Factor: Laughter Is Good for the Soul

A preacher preached fervently upon the joys of heaven and our desire to go there. After the service, he asked the congregation, “All of you who want to go to heaven, would you stand up?” One man did not stand up. The preacher said, “Son, don’t you want to go to heaven?” “Yes sir,” answered the man. “But you sounded like you wanted to carry a bus load out tonight, and I don’t want to go then.”Lovingly borrowed from Dr. Gardner C. Taylor’s Faith in the Fire: Wisdom for Life. Available everywhere books are sold, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or HayHouse.com.
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John Edward

John Holland

Hay House Customer Care LIVE CHAT

A Special Message from Louise Hay

Hay House Authors Among World’s Top 10 Psychic Mediums

Hay House Authors among World’s Top 10 Psychic Mediums
Who are the most gifted psychics in the world? Squidoo.com (a popular website that provides lists of all of our favorite things) recently paid tribute to the World’s Top 10 Psychic Mediums.Hay House author John Edward heads the list as the internationally acclaimed psychic medium who has captivated audiences worldwide with his TV shows and public appearances.Also on the list at #6 is Hay House’s spirit whisperer—John Holland.
John was touted as “one of the most respected psychic mediums and spirit messengers on the world stage.” John chronicles his special abilities and helps you to fine-tune your own intuitive power in his eye-opening top selling books, Born Knowing andThe Spirit Whisperer.

“We are all born psychic, but forget as we get older and start to use the left side of our brain,” John says.

The Top 10 List also includes celebrity medium and clairvoyant Lisa Williams and survival evidence medium James van Praagh. To see the entire list, click here.

LIVE CHAT with Hay House Customer Care

Do you have any questions while you’re browsing and shopping on our HayHouse.com website? Now your answer is just a click away—thanks to our new Customer Care Live Chat button!

This new web feature allows you to connect LIVE to a Hay House customer care representative whenever you have a question or need help with your order. Just click on “Live Chat” and a representative will be right with you to guide you through your ordering process and provide the answers you need.

You’ll find the Customer Care Live Chat button in the upper left hand corner of your Shopping Cart on HayHouse.com. Our awesome Customer Care team is now standing by. (Hay House Customer Care Chat is live during regular business hours: 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For any questions after hours, please e-mail: [email protected])

Hay House Authors Win Honors at INATS-West
Each year at INATS-West (International New Age Trade Show in Denver, CO), the Coalition of Visionary Resources selects the best products in the industry. This year, we are proud to announce that three Hay House authors were among the 2011 winners.

Madison Taylor received the “2011 Book of the Year” award for her book DailyOM: Learning to Live. This inspirational book was also voted “Best Conscious Living/Self-Help Book.”

Scott Blum picked up “Visionary Fiction Book” honors for his wonderful novel, Summer’s Path.

Jonathan Goldman was awarded the trophy for “Best Alternative Health/Healing Book” for his latest work: The Divine Name: The Sound That Can Change the World. Jonathan was very grateful and honored to receive this accolade. “It is an affirmation and confirmation about the importance of this most extraordinary work—the book, the teaching and the manifestation of a sacred sound which I believe has the potential of helping to bring peace and harmony to our planet.”

Kudos to all!

Join our NEW Hay House Book Club!

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”
– Anais Nin

Attention all avid readers and book lovers! Read along with us in our new Hay House Online Book Club! Each month, we’ll delve into a new Hay House book and we invite you to join in the conversation during a live online book club show on HayHouseRadio.com. Together, we’ll share our insights on each book and talk about how the ideas can be applied to our everyday lives.

Special thanks to Hay House author Dayna Macy and all of you who participated in our book club show last month on Ravenous. The next Hay House Book Club show will air on August 26th. We will be talking LIVE to world renowned angel expert Doreen Virtue about her comprehensive and astonishing book The Angel Therapy Handbook.

Would you like to participate in our next book club gathering? Click hereand join us. We’ll bring food for your soul!Check HayHouseRadio.com’s Facebook page for the latest updates or to submit questions for discussion for our next show.

Radio for Your Soul
If you haven’t listened to HayHouseRadio.com in a while, what are you waiting for? There is a list of inspiring authors ready to take your personal calls, help you tackle your latest challenges and achieve your innermost dreams and goals.

New This Month:
•Dr. Wayne Dyer just returned from spending a few weeks in Europe on his Experiencing the Miraculous Tour to Assisi, Lourdes, and Medjugorje. Listen as Wayne shares some of his own personal experiences as well as details on the physical and emotional healings that took place on the trip. Click here to listen.Click here to access all the radio archives as a Hay House Wisdom Community member:

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Louise Hay
A Special Message from Louise Hay

Love Who You Are

In these warm days of summer, let’s focus our attention on what we really want to accomplish by the end of this year.Do you want to be healthier and happier? Do you want to have more love in your life? Do you want to see an increase in your level of prosperity?

Let’s affirm:
I acknowledge that I am a bright, capable person who can create anything I wish by virtue of my will and intention.

I love who I am.

Louise Hay

For more about Louise’s latest adventures, read her blog here.

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Message from the Editor Get Your Vacation Groove On!
“Few vacations are as gratifying as those devoted to personal growth.”
Pat Koch ThalerWhen you’re in vacation mode, you find it hard to get anything else done. Though I’m sitting here in my cubicle with my fingers on my keyboard, my mind has taken flight. I’m sunk deep in a cozy beach chair listening to the waves rolling over with glee as a warm breeze hugs me from head to toe. And my fingers, instead, are clutching a summer novel that I’m about to get lost in.Ah, summer hasn’t snuck away from us yet. It’s only August, so we still have time to plan our escape, take those needed days off from work, slip away from all those nagging responsibilities, bury our to-do lists from plain sight, and embark on a peaceful retreat.

Whether you’re visiting family and friends, exploring new destinations, or just hiding out in your backyard, remember to bring one of these Hay House treasures so your mind and soul can join you on your retreat.

Top 10 Hay House Books You MUST Take on Your Next Vacation

1. Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss. Okay, you’re on vacation. But you’re still obsessed with how you look and whether you will still fit into last year’s bathing suit or cruise wear. This beautifully written book takes you on a sacred journey to reclaim the beautiful and peaceful person you were created to be.

2. Cheryl Richardson’s The Art of Extreme Self-Care. Here is a great read for you overachievers and workhorses who go out of your way to nurture everyone else on the planet. Now it’s your turn. Stop settling for the leftover crumbs and get ready to upgrade your life in Cheryl’s extreme-care boot camp.

3. Denise Marek’s CALM. You may be on vacation, but your mind is still going a mile a minute. What if my family needs me? How can I relax when my work is piling up at home? Denise’s wonderfully soothing book is designed to help you eliminate your worries, let go, and take back control of your life.

4. Linda Leaming’s Married to Bhutan. Now that you’re settled in, what better way to relax than to sink yourself into a delightful memoir! Enjoy Linda’s compelling story about how she left her hectic life behind for an adventure to one of the most remote cities in the world. What she found will truly warm your heart and nourish your soul!

5. Alan Cohen’s Linden’s Last Life. If you like juicy Jackie Collins novels and mesmerizing Mary Higgins Clark mysteries, you’ll savor this page turner. Meet the down-and-out Linden Kozlowski who has decided that life is not worth living. But when he tries to end it all, Linden gets caught up in a mystical journey that will have you on the edge of your seat with its shocking twists and thought-provoking finale.

6. Thomas Moore’s The Guru of Golf. This one is mostly for the guys. You may be stuck attending a family reunion or vacationing at a cutesy bed and breakfast cottage that wasn’t your first choice for accommodations—but you know you’d rather be golfing! If you can’t make it to the tee, these amusing golf-related tales will keep your heart in the game—at least for now!

7. Sandra Anne Taylor’s Secrets of Attraction. If you’re flying solo on your vacation and dreaming of a new romance to come your way, let the Law of Attraction lend you a hand. In this revealing book, Sandra offers secrets on how to create a personal energy field that will attract success in romance, relationships and your entire life.

8. Sonia Choquette’s Traveling at the Speed of Love. Here’s the perfect book to take on an airplane or during any vacation! Sonia shows you how to live in a frequency of unconditional love, and weaves each lesson together with a heartwarming story from her many personal travels. A first-class read all the way!

9. Walter Green’s This Is the Moment. Your heart will melt while reading this feel-good book by a man who spent the course of a year traveling around the world to visit the 44 people who had made the greatest impact on his life—so he could personally thank them all and tell them how much they mattered to him. Sweet!

10. Louise Hay’s I Can Do It. Any Louise Hay book will lift your spirits on vacation or otherwise! This one will get you practicing your affirmations for every area of your life. Life loves me. I am exactly where I am meant to be. What a great adventure my life is. All is well. I am safe. I plan for many more vacations.Read on!
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