Laura Farago is Taking Action – Tribute to her Father * Up-dated

Laura Farago is Taking Action to …

sharing the thoughts of his FAMILY and friends that loved him so much.
Here is a photo from Christine’s wedding day where he is holding Laura.

Thank You, DAD!

There is truly not a better father on this planet…not just because you spoiled me rotten but because of the incredible man you were. I’ve always had so much respect for you, your work ethic, your education and how you did it on your own working days and going to college at night. I always knew who to come to for practical advice and your words of wisdom over the years were invaluable. It was as if you were the human encyclopedia at times; it just blew my mind how brilliant you were and the fact that you knew so much about so many subjects such as history, politics, finances to name a few.

I admired all you learned from years on Wall Street at the top brokerage firms. You always put our families needs ahead of your own to be sure we were safe, healthy, happy and provided for. You stood up for what you believed in and never took crap from anyone! You had such a soft side when it came to children and animals. I loved how you would insist all the cats I brought you were really your kitties and show me when they did something cute.

You would make monthly donations to Delta Humane Society to help animals in need and St. Jude to raise funds for kids with cancer. When I was fighting for my life on the oncology floor for so long and needed you the most, you were a true hero day in and out and truly the strongest man I knew. As you reminded me to look at all the positives (you listed them out for me all the time during our chats), I became more grateful for all I had going for me. The glass was always half full! I will always remember your incredible stories and jokes, hear your expressions in my head, and carry you in my heart as you continue to guide me throughout my life. As I always used to tell you, “Love ye to infinity!” XO

As you know I had the honor and pleasure of working with your father for many years. He was an incredible headhunter and an extraordinary man. Nothing was more important to him than his family. And you, dear Laura, were his pride and joy. He loved you and your mother with all of his heart. Every conversation included the Italian feast he was cooking for dinner that night and always ended with a few of his jokes. He loved to make people laugh. I will miss him dearly.
Nicki Boscia Durlester

Richard (Dick) Farago was such a wonderful man, a warm, caring, considerate father, husband, friend and individual. Dick had a great sense of humor and shared so much of that and the other great elements of his personality with the ones that he loved and those that were close to him. Dick thought of others first, including myself, so often before he thought of himself to the point that I would often have to tell him, ‘No thanks, Dick” when he would ask if I wanted something, or what he could do for me, or what he could get for me. There were so many times that my reply instead would be, “What can I do for you Dick?” because of his sincerity and selflessness. Dick also was a no-nonsense individual who would do anything to protect the ones that he loved, and he was prepared to fight fiercely for them in an instant should the need for that ever arise.

I can remember times joking with Dick about him appearing to be a rather harmless gentleman, only to have Dick pull out of his jacket a small pistol to show he was packing. The gun was registered of course, and he had a permit to carry it, because Dick always believed in doing things the right way. Dick never planned to use that pistol, but he believed in his right to carry it and have it near him if the occasion ever arose that he or his dear family were threatened. That was the essence of Dick: He believed in himself and his values as an American, and he cared about nothing more than loving and protecting those that were dear to him.

Dick was a deeply caring and generous soul who searched for the truth and meaning in life. He was a patient teacher and mentor committed to the excellence of his mentees. Dick had such a strong work ethic and integrity.
Marci Massei

I’ve had a long professional history with you Dad and was so pleased to have finally met him and your Mom a few years back when I was in Northern CA. Your Dad has more stories and more information than anyone else I know – honestly. I’m not sure through which search firm I first became acquainted with your Dad, but once I went off on my own in 2001, he was a frequent (actually, almost constant) contributor to my business. In fact, I attribute much of my success to working with him — and I’m not just saying this now that he’s gone, I’ve said it many times in the past. Your Dad was a remarkable partner to me. Even though we had a professional relationship, I learned a lot about his love for you. I have admired how close you and your father were.
Shelley Pogorelsky

God Bless You All. Gods peace be with you all at this time and always as your dad enters the kingdom of god where your dad love and guiadance will be with you forever. Your dad your brother together in heaven to watch over you both. Bless You. I am going to miss ur dad and will always recall how smart he was and I think he is one of the finest god loving man who gave so much to our country, not only military service, but service to human kind, sharing knowledge history, cooking and friendship, Bless him, bless him, love to you all.
Mary Schmierer

Sundays will never be the same. Every Sunday he told me the joke of the week. I will miss our political discussions. But most of all I will miss him.
Connie Scimecca Newubauer

The jokes, every weekend growing up we all got together either going out to dinner or each others home in canarsie/ howard beach, your dad had a new joke each time to tell my parents. some where dirty so i couldn’t listen.
Joanna Bernardini

When I first met your Dad back in 02′ he was a kindred spirit to me because it was like I had known him for years. We obviously clicked since he was a true Patriot all the while using a Dick Farago original such as “Libsocoms”– truly a great original. He was a gentleman and scholar and one of those true American’s that you wish was your neighbor. Although we mourn his loss we celebrate knowing he is in now Heaven with Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:8:

8 we are of good courage, I say,

and (A)prefer rather to be absent from the body and (B)to be at home with the Lord.

You will be missed Dick,
Jim Smith

After a week of fighting for his life in ICU, my father (April 28, 1934-June 1, 2011) joined my brother Michael (May 13, 1971-April 17, 1982) in heaven. A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime! I will never forget the happiness they brought to all of us!

I made the best decision of my life to marry you 34 years ago and have you as my husband and the father of our children.

Connie Farago

I’ll miss our trips together dad and our little phone calls to check in to see if all is well. I will miss you forever.
~Christine Porcaro

Wished we lived closer to get to know you better over the years. We knew you were always a phone call a way when we needed you.
Courtney, Cristen and Vincent Jr.

Uncle Dick was the best joke teller that ever was. I loved his fascination with animals and nature, his affection with the many cats in his care and how he would refer to me as “nephew” and “Dan-I-L”. And what a cook!
Daniel Heffernan

My Friend, Richard (Ricardo sometimes): Notice the emphasized word, “friend.” That’s sincere, probably one of my best friends, and a true friend. Richard was a proud family man, and cared for the needs of his loved ones. Richard was also a God fearing man, and believed in the Almighty. He was a guy I could talk to. We kicked around a lot of subjects, but more recently our thoughts were on our elected representatives and where they were taking us. We sometimes discussed our service days, Rich was in the Army, and I was in the Air Force about the same time, 1955-1958/59. We talked about our younger years, Rich in Brooklyn and myself in Philadelphia…We both ended up in California, and became friends. How’s that for coincidence? I will miss my friend a great deal! No more calls back and forth, no more breakfasts in Stockton, and no more lunches at Richard’s house- and he sure could cook Italian…YUM, YUM, GOOD! More importantly, no more camaraderie with a welcome, knowledgeable, nice guy. As I recall my favorite parts of my friendship with Richard, I am truly blessed to have called him a friend. Bye Richard, God bless you!
Dave Sundy

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad and he was so lucky to have such a wonderful carrying daughter like you. He was always there for you and your friends. I can remember him cruising by the school (in that car that looked like a policy vehicle) during play time just to make sure we were okay and remember all those times he brought you and I fast food. I can’t ever remember your Dad raising his voice or getting mad at us. Well maybe when we use to hit one another and you always had to get the last tap in- I think once or twice he told us to knock it off. I can only remember your Dad with a happy face and always willing to cook us anything. He was a man that I always looked up to- He was bright, good in the kitchen, and kind hearted. He would follow me home on my bike to make sure I got home safe, plus let us watch Days of Our Lives while he worked in the back office. What Dad did that; most of them wanted to look at sports or the news? There’s so many wonderful times spent at your home I can’t even count them!
~Roxie Ormsby

I loved the time when I came to visit and he said that if it was to late and I didn’t want to drive I could sleep on the floor. I think he even repeated it a few times. I loved it! I also really thought it was funny when he would peek into the room every 30 minutes to see what we were up to while we were watching TV. He was great! It seemed like he really loved that cat and you could tell that she was very content with that spot on your dads lap. I’m just glad I got to meet him. He reminded me so much of my grandfather. Like I said, I believe that people come into our lives for a reason.

Anthony Pietronave


A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings and love to Laura and all her family, reminding one and all that Dad has only changed clothing, that he will always be right here with them in Spirit and always carried with them in their hearts.

TAPS played at Richard’s ServiceVideo Online Only


FLAG PRESENTATION to Family ~ Beautiful Memorial

Do his legacy proud and be filled with Joy, Take Action in your Lives and Live Out Loud.


Written and prepared with love by his Daughter, LAURA FARAGO

VIDEO ONLINE ONLY – RICHARD FARAGO interviews his daughter, Laura, sharing her experience with BONE CANCER.

“I ask myself if I died tomorrow, what was the purpose of my existence and I answered LAURA…my sweet, lovely child who I hold in my heart before ALL things in life.” ~Richard Farago (my dad who passed away June 1st, 2011 journaled this years ago and I just found it so here are a few photos of my father, grandmother, and brother Michael who are no longer with us!)


  1. I know that death is a part of life but I miss you no less dad. I thank you for having taught me to follow my dreams and instincts, teaching me that life is meant to be lived. Felt you with me a lot on our cruise, and most of all during the soprano singer as she sung your favorites that we listened to together! Most important dad, I thank you for teaching me the meaning of sacrifice through your love for what you did for me during my cancer ordeal. I was and will forever be lucky to be your daughter. “Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” ~Author Unknown

  2. Laura Farago says

    Hard to believe it’s been 2 years since my dad passed away. I’m so grateful that I had 33 years with my father. He was a huge blessing to those who had the joy of knowing him! I have never known a man with greater integrity, intelligence, selflessness, or love for his family. His faithful example imprinted my heart at a young age and put me way ahead in the game of life. I will always have the utmost respect and admiration of the amazing human being you were. Love you beyond words dad and always will! ღ ღ

  3. Zap Martin says

    Hey Laura, I didn’t realize your dad passed away until I saw your post remembering him today on Facebook. My goodness, my heart skipped a beat when I read your post.. I had no idea. My heart aches for you – he was such a quality person, not just a good dad. I bet you miss him so much! He was such a gentleman. I remember meeting him the day you moved into the dorms. He loved you soooo much – just the way he would talk about you, I could tell it broke his heart to let his baby girl go away to college. Meeting him was one of my best memories at UCSD.

  4. Kerri Mackenzie says

    We enjoyed your beautiful memorial, Laura… it was our pleasure to watch. You’re so fortunate to have had such a wonderful relationship with your dad. I’m sorry he’s no longer on the earth plane with you, but no doubt he walks with you and watches over you still. Pure love between people never dies… it lives on forever. BTW, Bobby and I just watched the tribute video of your dad again…so beautiful! What a loving memorial to someone you clearly loved with all your heart. Take good care 🙂

  5. Ford Roosevelt says

    You know your dad was one of my heroes. He was such a great part of Durlester Consulting for so many years. We loved the man and I so treasured his friendship and vast humor…… Best to you Laura. He spoke so lovingly of you.

  6. JoAnne Ross says

    Laura, You and your mom have been in my thoughts and prayers often over the past few weeks. How are you doing? I’m home from TN now, if you’d like to talk. I’m sure it has been hard but I believe that your positive, persevering spirit and faith are enabling you to walk through your loss with grace and optimisim. Congratulations on your recent engagement to Craig. So glad you are finding joy in this difficult time as you look to your beautiful future together. Please give him a hug from me too. May you be deeply comforted by your wonderful memories of your dad and the prayers and loving support of family and friends. That was a very beautiful tribute to your dad. Some great pictures too. You father had a lot of medals from the military…very impressive. Thank you for sharing. I understand about going to the mausoleum. I’m sure it would feel empty and upsetting. There have been many times I have been grateful to God and my dad that he was cremated because I have my memories but no specific place to go to remember him because I think I would feel the same way. His ashes were scattered over the ocean by the Golden Gate Bridge since he loved the ocean and the city. Anyway, you can be comforted that he absolutely knows you are engaged again and is smiling down on you from a most wonderful place–looking forward to being reunited with you and your mom when the time comes. He is probably having a great time with your brother and grandmother too. Love, JoAnne

  7. Valerie Goforth says

    I’m so very sorry for you and your Mom. I know you both loved him so, so much. It’s been a long time since my Dad died and I still grieve over not having him here. I had the privilege of reading this tribute page a few days ago. I wish I could have met your Dad. One of the people said he was a terrific joke teller and I’m sure I he would have been my kind of person from what everything you’ve told me about him. He was just a warm, delightful person. Dad’s are so special and no one can ever take their place. I know he also loved you more than anything–knowing we will see our Dad’s some day is such a comfort. I read a great little book recently on Heaven called My Time In Heaven by Richard Sigmund. It is an absolutely FANTASTIC book and I highly recommend it. It seemed very credible.

  8. Michael January says

    Hello Laura, I’m sad to hear about your father. I know it’s tough. My dad has been gone for 12 years, but he’s in my thoughts always. I’m better for having met your father. It was too short a time, yet well worth it. I appreciate that you thought to tell me. The tribute was great, and remember this: His greatest tribute is his love for his family. He lives on through all of you. God bless you.

  9. Linda Kimmons says

    We look to our parents and grandparents when we are older because they change roles to be our dearest friends. We can never replace and never fill that void. I do want you to know that I will pray that God gives you peace and love that sees you through a long prosperous life until you see your dad again. He was so articulate in the video clip of him interviewing you about your cancer story. God bless you and your family in this trying time Laura!

  10. Ann Testa says

    Laura, This is so beautiful! All of you will be in my prayers and I hope your sadness will be replaced with happy memories. You are both very special people. You were so blessed to have a dad like him and I have to say, your dad was blessed to have a child like you. Your dad loved you so much and that love continues and is magnified now more than ever. I can tell you as a parent, the only thing your dad wants for you is your happiness. I hope your heart will be filled with only beautiful memories. I know your dad would never want you to be sad—he loves you too much. Please give your mom a kiss for me. With love, Ann

  11. Tom Robinson says

    We are so sorry for your loss. Please pass on our condolences to you mom. She must be heart-broken as you are. Your father will always be watching over you. And I know he will always be in your thoughts. Thank you for the information about St. Jude. I wish I had a better memory. I knew your father mostly through your great recounts. This video is amazing for so many reasons. I really enjoyed watching it. Your dad asked such great questions and you were so well-spoken. Thank you for sharing.
    All our love and prayers,
    Tom and Anne

  12. Bradley Spare says

    I’m so sorry to hear about this, Laura. I happened to see Sunny last weekend and she mentioned that something had happened in your family but didn’t go into too much detail. The memorial website is a wonderful tribute, thanks for sending the link. My eyes teared up watching the video clip. And your dad had such a cool Brooklyn accent! I still remember you making impressions of your grandmas Brooklyn accent back when we lived in San Diego. Good times! My prayers are with you and your family.

  13. Lisa de Groot says

    Thank you for sharing, Laura. I’m so sorry you lost your Dad. I can see in looking at your Facebook posts how much you adored him, and could hear it in his voice during this clip that he likewise, adored you.

  14. Nancy Fielding says

    Thanks for sharing with me a video of you and your dad. I almost cried myself seeing the love and respect your dad had for you as he was interviewing you. Your cancer story is so heartfelt and honest. I really like your quote on God and how sometimes in tough moments, you’re either closer to God or you’re not. That is so true…I know it must be very difficult right now but I am praying for you and your family and thinking about you. Let me know how you are doing.

  15. Charles Tombrella says

    Awesome interview Laura. I remember the first time I talked with you you asked me how I got in touch with you on Facebook. I said I read your bio about how you beat the cancer in your leg and was so inspired with your positive post and the Juice Plus product that you contribute to keeping you healthy now that I wanted to find out more about it. This interview is still inspiring. I’m sorry for the loss of your dad and I am truly thankful for your story and your friendship.

  16. Laura Rogers says

    Dearest Laura,
    Words cannot tell you how sincerely sorry I am to hear of your dads passing . My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones as you grieve your awful loss. I may not have known your dad, but if it’s any reflection on how he’s raised you to become the remarkable strong woman that you are then your dad must have been a remarkable man. I’m honored to call you my friend. You’ve given me the strength to deal with my dads illness so I thank you. My dad is doing fairly well he has good days and some bad days…thank God he has more good than bad. It breaks my heart seeing him in pain and unable to do the things he used to. His oncologist is happy with him and told him keep taking his Juice Plus said they’re better for him than any vitamins or supplements he can get at the local pharmacy! Look after yourself and again if you want to cry yell or just talk I’m here. They say the pain gets easier over time I hope it’s true. I told my parents about your dads passing they were so sad for you but as dad said you’re one in a million you’ll get thru this. Your dad may not be here physically, but he will always be in your heart.. Amazing video! I watched and got choked up…you looked so small and fragile yet you sounded so positive. I’m so glad your cancer story has had a happy ending. Your dad was truly an amazing man. Just want you to know that we’re thinking of you and your family! Prayers and hugs being sent your way. R.I.P Mr. Farago
    Love and friendship,
    Laura, Jonathan, Danielle, Yuan, & Sam

  17. Phyllis Bell says

    Thanks for sharing that Laura. I really enjoyed watching the video, both to hear about your experience and to see the close relationship you and your Dad had. I know it’s difficult to believe he’s no longer with you physically, but you are so lucky that you have this video.

  18. Veronica Kormendy says

    Wow Laura, you were and are so very blessed with so much love and support from family and friends. Your Dad, WOW, what a great father! Did you know that your parents where going to be this great and supportive? You did such a fantastic job of articulating your words, so much of what you say, I had a very hard time of trying to communicate that to others. You did a superb job. Unbelievable to hear your story. To me it is like a love story. I know it’s a serious video, but I just have to tell you, you’re just a little cutie pie.

  19. Kerry Adair says

    I just wanted to send my condolences to you and your family. Annabelle and I read your beautiful tribute to your father. In the very short time that I knew him, he seemed to be a very kind and sweet man. I know how difficult this can be. Tomorrow is my fathers anniversary. He too, was a wonderful man! They will live on through use and we will bring this world what they gave us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you for sharing this with me. You are an inspiration to so many! To have a video with your father interviewing you, is absolutely precious! It sounds as though, you had a wonderful support group during a very challenging time in your life. I know this will be a difficult time for you. Just remember the hugs, laughter, special moments, and love the two of you shared . This always helps me. Hang in there. Kerry, Chris and Annabelle.

  20. Teresa Guerrero says

    Wow!!!! You’re so strong! I didn’t imagine the extent of the severity of your cancer and the whole ordeal!!! I’m so happy you’re in my life now. You are such a joy to be around, you’re a breath of fresh air. Laura, you’re such a beautiful person inside and out, and you can see your dad cared a lot about you. I’m so sorry he’s not here with you but just remember he is always watching over you. From the way I heard you talk about him a couple of times I knew you both were real close. How are you doing, do you need anything?

  21. Rachel Doran says

    I saw your mother yesterday at the title company and heard of your fathers passing. I am so very sorry for your loss. I just read your touching email this evening (I’m one that only checks my email once or twice a week). My prayers are with you and your mother. You are two amazing ladies…TRULY!

  22. Debbie Dent says

    Absolutely beautiful. Your dad will always be with you. He is an angel in heaven looking down at you always. XOXO

  23. Amber smith says

    What a beautiful compilation Laura! A loss of a parent changes us forever, while filled with sorrow it allows us to reflect on life and the beauty of family.

  24. Ann Marie Pizzariello says

    The tribute was wonderful, and I loved the pictures. There’s really nothing I or anyone can say, it just really sucks. Life has changed, without a doubt, but it does get easier – never the same, but easier. Connie’s a New York girl at heart, and will be strong for you. Dick adored you both, and there’s no greater comfort than knowing that. He was one of a kind, and will be truly missed. Somewhere out there, Dick is telling his jokes like only he could, and my Dad, Michael, your grandmother, and all those we’ve loved and lost are with him, laughing along. The last time we were in California was the last time we saw you guys! But I promise that when we get to San Francisco, I will call. I’ll keep in touch….be well and my love to you both.

  25. Fred Siegel says

    Dear Laura & Connie,
    I was so saddened and shocked to learn of Dick’s passing. We called each other every birthday, and I’ll miss that as well as his “unique” jokes. I never worked with a finer, more ethical gentleman. He gave me advice that led to creating and building our international business. But, as you know, he loved his family and that always came first. Dick was a dear friend and I will miss him. I wish the two of you peace.
    Fred Siegel

  26. Nicki Boscia Durlester says

    Read your tribute to your dad. So beautiful! You’re an incredible daughter!!! He was so proud. I still can’t believe he’s gone, and I can’t pick up the phone to call him. I took him for granted. I could talk to him for hours – some days about substance, others to share laughs. There was no one I enjoyed working with more. He was the master of executive search. He taught me so much. I would always go to him for advice and counsel. He was the voice of reason. He had a huge heart and felt so deeply about the people he loved. He missed Michael so much. His sadness about his loss was ever present, just as he always worried about you. We talked about him and he had his fair share of down days. He adored you and your mom so much; you were his life. When you were diagnosed with cancer, he managed to keep it together for you and your mom. He was such an incredibly strong man, yet so sensitive and kind. You will never be without him. Only his physical presence is gone. Just today I felt him with me when I was at mass. I always prayed for him, just as he always kept my family and I in his prayers. I gave him a journal years ago so he would write down all his “Richardisms.” He told me he filled all the pages. I hope you’ll be able to find it.
    Love, Nicki (AKA his Sweetness Face)

  27. Laszlo Vegvari says

    Dear Laura,
    I am very sorry to hear about the tragedy. I did not know Richard in person, but we have shared the same concerns about our country. He was a real patriot, and will be greatly missed.
    Very Best Regards
    Laszlo Vegvari

  28. Susan DeRosa says

    Dear Laura, So sorry to hear of your loss. When we were in Stockton, I was so happy to meet a smart, cool Italian guy from The Bronx! You know that Richie really thought a lot of him and was always impressed with his straight-forward honesty, focus, humor and warmth. I know you are the outstanding young woman you are today due to his careful guidance and loving encouragement that he devoted to you. During this sad time, always remember how blessed you are to have had a wonderful father.
    With love, Susan DeRosa

  29. Tamara Smith says

    Words cannot express the sadness we feel at Dick’s passing. We will miss his wry wit and big heart…Yes, “It’s all bullshit!” He is in an amazing place now. I recommend reading Heaven is For Real – currently on the best-sellers list. It is very comforting. If there is anything we can do, please call us. We love you.
    Chuck, Tam, Nikki & Katie

  30. Maridel Pinano says

    “Death leaves a heartach no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.” ~From a headstone in Ireland
    I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I know he meant a lot to you. Please accept my deepest condolences on your family’s loss. Saying goodbye to a loved one is surely one of life’s most difficult tasks. There are no words powerful enough, no music soothing enough to ease your pain at a time like this. But I know you will find consulation in knowing how much you love and cared for each other. You gave so much of yourself, and the precious memories of times you spent together will heal you and make you whole again. And you will understand what a blessing it was to have shared in the life of someone you loved so much. Though you say goodby for now, it is only until you meet again someday – when your emptiness will turn to fulfillment, your despair to joy, and you will love again for eternity in tha place where no one grows old. God Bless.

  31. Malissa Winters says

    Beautiful Laura,
    Our sincere condolences to you and the family and friends with the loss of your Father. I am sincerely sorry to learn of this news. What an amazing tribute you put together. My heart goes out to you all as I know how your feel as it sounds your Father was very much like mine was. Many thoughts and prayers for you all as you continue his legacy. You are all very loved and very much a blessing in our lives. If ever you need anything I am not to far away. GodSpeed Richard Farago, may you rest with Michael and the rest of the Angels watching over us all! xoxo
    Malissa Winters and Family …

  32. Dave Thomas says

    Laura, all the comments from your Dad’s friends say it all. Richard was a tough but compassionate guy; he made us laugh, he told great stories, and he loved life. The cycle brings us all from birth to death, but what happens in between is the measure of a person’s character. Richard was what I call a very high quality man. He demonstrated this in his caring for you and his family. His friends valued him as a mentor,confidant, teacher and buddy. Should I mention, he cooked like a master!
    When I was doing my radio show, and “Richard from Stockton” showed up on the call screen, I knew we were all in for a great discussion. Never mincing words, but telling us straight from his brain and his heart, Richard amused and admonished us all to do better, think better, be better.
    I was a lucky guy to know your Dad. Please accept my most sincere condolences, and give my regards to Connie. Dave Thomas

  33. Janet Jellison says

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your dad and my heart aches for you. You spoke of him often and I recall meeting him briefly a couple times, but I could tell that he was a lovely person (which is not surprising because you are such a lovely person!) 🙂 I know your special bond with him will never diminish and he will always be in your heart and above in heaven watching over you and your mom. I feel honored that you would share with me your lovely tribute. May you find peace and comfort in your sorrow and joy in your deepest memories. God Bless and keep you.

  34. Dave Kerst says

    This is a very nice tribute for your Dad. It was an Honor to have known Him. I will see Him again.
    Dave Kerst

  35. Jeremy Fisicaro says

    My deepest condolences….I read many of the great things said about your father. Sounds like he is/was quite the person. If he is anything like you, it is unfortunate that more people weren’t able to share his company….If you ever want to vent to someone who is far away from your day to day existence, feel free!

  36. The Rawling's says

    I have been meaning to write you as soon as I saw your Dad’s obituary but just hadn’t done it yet. We are so sorry for your loss. I am glad that Angie and I got to know him. He was always so sweet to us. I especially remember his love of animals. When I heard of his death I said to Angie I was sad I had never taken our Golden Retriever, Rudy, to meet him. Well, after a 3 month battle with bone cancer we lost Rudy last week. I hope he has found your Dad and that they are keeping each other company in heaven. I know they would be great friends! Our Love and our Deepest Sympathy to you and your Mom. God Bless You.
    Vanessa, Jim and Angie

  37. Ileana Geestman says

    Dear Laura,
    What a beautiful tribute…May God hold you close as you pass through this very difficult and painful time in your life. Please know that you are loved and I am sending you hugs. You and your mom are in my prayers…

  38. Mary Morley says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss. What a great guy! He always made me laugh. I loved his sense of humor! If you need anything, please let us know.
    Take care,

  39. Oliver Butterick says

    Hi Laura-
    I am sorry for your loss. Your positive perspective inspires me! Thank you so much for being a part of my life! 🙂

  40. Dearest Laura, I am so sorry for the loss of your dad and for your pain during his final days here. May God bring you peace by knowing how well your dad accomplished the plans the Lord had for him during his time on earth. It’s obvious your dad enjoyed life to its fullest and was all about loving others! His love for you is unforgettable and certainly a memory to be cherished! Your dad was so very proud of you, and rightly so Laura! Your Heavenly Father promises the Holy Spirit is with you now, so trust Him for all that you need. God’s grace is amazing, His love is powerful and His timing is perfect.
    Love and God bless ~ Margaret

  41. Sue Gemme says

    What a wonderful tribute to your father. I never knew him, but it touched me.

  42. Val & Mark McCormack says

    A life spent well is reflected in the eyes of his loved ones. You were truely blessed with a man this rare in your life, and he shines through you! We all need time to grieve, quiet time for reflection, to sift through memories and come to grips with what has happened. We all need time for tears, not for the one who is now at peave in heaven, but for ourselves as we realize that things will never be the same. We all need time to just “be,” when we can open ourselves to God and let the reassurance of his everlasting love start to heal our broken hearts. Praying for you and wishing you peace. With our love and sympathy in this time…
    Valerie & Mark McCormack

  43. Ted Hanik says

    I remember when your folks came down to San Diego to visit and your Dad had to whip up your favorite dish? To my dismay it was this fried fish thing that stunk up the whole place….but still he was willing, even excited to make this terrible stinky dish for you! 🙂 Just trying to make you laugh. I remember writing to your Dad – I liked your Dad; he reminded me of my family back in NJ, I felt like I knew him already. Smart, sharp, practical, and put his family first – your Dad was a really good person and he loved you very much. I will remember him fondly. I can offer something my Dad said to me, he lost his father right as he was graduating dental school. I asked him once, do you miss your father? He said, of course…but he lives on through me. I found that very poignant.
    Hang in there Laura,
    All My Best,

  44. Sari Heffernan says

    Laura –

    What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. I am so glad I got to see the pictures and read the remembrances. I didn’t know your Dad very well, but truly enjoyed him. Dads are very special people and I am glad your Dad was so beloved. I’ll always remeber him.

  45. Roe Melnicove says

    My Dearest Laura, thank goodness for FB, that is all I have to say. How wonderful that you have come into my life though technology!!! I read and viewed everything. When the Lord call our loved ones home, he leaves a gift of memories in exchange Now I know you would much rather have your dad than those memories. However, many people don’t even come near the fond memories you have of your dad. Think of all the good times. So many people never experienced the love you have had between a father and a daughter. Sorrow is a fleeting emotion, but love is infinite. Take comfort–those who love will be reunited in eternity. I truely believe this Laura. You must be strong for him. I will continue to pray for you my dear friend. I wish you did not have to go though this. You can not change this situation ,only the way you react to it. My heart so goes out to you. I wish I could be with you but know I am there in spirit because you have been constantly on my mind.
    Love, Roe

  46. Janice Price says

    I didnt know your father, but reading all of these tells me he was a wonderful, God Fearing man..You were very Blessed to have a father like that. I pray Gods peace be with you and no he is with the Lord now. No more pain, no more tears. And you will see him again. God Bless you and your mom.
    Love in Christ
    Janice Price- your facebook friend:)

  47. Janet Cashero says

    Hi Laura,
    What a beautiful testimony to a life well lived. Your dad looks the same from all those years before. This is really special. I too am glad I met your Dad and got to share our plums. I know how much he enjoyed them and we enjoyed sharing them.

  48. Jeff Geiman says

    I’m so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. I’m sure he held a very special place in your heart, and in the hearts of many others. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. Your thoughts as well as the tributes paid by the many friends and well wishers give me a sense of the man and what he stood for.
    God Bless You,

  49. Tricia Lampreda says

    Such a beautiful, touching, heartfelt tribute to your father. You have a beautiful soul Laura.

  50. Luana Whitford says

    Dear Laura,
    I know Jim Linderman has told you how sorry I am for the loss of your dear father. Although I never was your nurse, I did manage your case and watched all of the struggles you, your mother and father experienced. I know that the nurses had deep respect for all of you, and I watched two parents who deeply loved their daughter make sure she received the best of care. I truly believe they are the reason for the “MIRACLE” of your survival! Jim explained the circumstances of your father’s death. It reminded me too much of my dear mother’s passing! Like you, I performed CPR on her. Like you, I wonder if I did everything right. Like you, the vision of those last moments will never be erased. But, like you, the hollow feeling in your heart will eventually fill knowing you did everything possible to keep them with us. Most important, you and I know how lucky we were to have wonderful parents in our lives who loved us deeply! We never will be like other people I know who lose their parents and have memories of conflict, hatred, or abandonment! Please feel free to call if you need to talk.

  51. Rick Torres says

    My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. So sorry to hear this news. Your tribute to honor your Dad was very touching. I am sure he is so very proud of you. May your Father’s memory always be close to your heart and his eternal love guide you along your journey. God bless your family during this difficult time.
    Rick Torres

  52. Cheryl Jensen says

    I will always remember what a terrific friend Dick was to me during the sickness and ultimate death of my husband and his good friend Vic. They would spend hours discussing politics, business and Italian food! Dick was the epitome of a family man. His wife and daughters were the most important element of his life and thier happiness was all he needed to make himself happy. In many of our phone conversations I would make the mistake of engaging in a political conversation with him and if we ever disagreed, he always won the argument!
    Dick you were one of a kind and will be sadly missed.


  53. Sally Mills says

    This is lovely Laura. I was sorry to have missed his service. I never knew your dad had been in the armed forces. I’m sure the flag will be put in a place of honor in you and your mom’s home. My heart goes out to both you and your mom for your loss. For the record, I thought your dad was an awesome guy. When I dropped by, he was alway so kind to me, something I will never forget. Your party after you “beat” cancer was so special and he was so proud of you. You are a lucky woman to have had a father like this. But, I’m sure you already know that. After this week I will be much freer if you want to get together or just stop by my place for a glass of wine and to talk. (I moved back to LVW) Your mom is welcome to come along as well. You did good girl……… proud of yourself!

  54. Laura,

    I remember so many fun times before and after school at your house with your dad…him teasing us for blowing our noses so much, how much he loved your cat Amber, and all his hilarious antics. I wanted to be funny like him, and I always tried to make him laugh the way he made me laugh. I remember him offering me the Entenmann’s cookies, but I think he was surprised at how many I could eat! Mostly, I remember an amazing man who adored his family, and extended his wings of protection and care to everyone around him, especially us kids. My heart is with you and your family. Much love to you~Jen

  55. Laura… deepest heart sympathy to you and your family. I truly had no words to say and asked God to help me. He put His Words into my heart to tell you, so I will be faithful to relay them to you. He said to tell you of your father’s time on earth, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I hope that these words bring you and your family some peace. Love you…Maria

  56. Wendy Campbell says

    Oh, dear, Laura….I am so, very sorry for you over the loss of your father. It seems like I just went through this and yet it was 5 years ago…my mother, 1 year ago….and I do know exactly how you are feeling. It just feels as if life will never be the same again….and in many ways it won’t….but the acute pain will be a bit more bearable with every passing day. He deserves your grieving and we simply must ALL walk through this pain at some point. I will say, though, that not a day goes by where I don’t think of both of my parents and it’s amazing the grace of God because I honestly FEEL as if they are still with me. They continue to teach me…I hear their words in my head many times a day continuing to guide me and I actually FEEL their love. I don’t feel as “alone” as I thought I would and I KNOW that that MUST be the Holy Spirit within me guiding me and just KNOWING exactly what I need in that moment. I have pictures everywhere of my parents and that, too, has helped a lot….Nobody can make this easier Honey, except our Lord….I will continue to pray that He holds you in His arms and comforts you as only HE can do….that He gives you the peace beyond understanding as only He can do….and that your whole family can move through this process of saying goodbye to your dad and cling tightly to one another in a way that brings you even closer together as a family.
    In God’s Love Together, Wendy

  57. Cindy Schaffner says

    Laura’s Dad, Richard, definitely left a great impression on me. When I first met him during my sophomore year of high school, I was blown away with how he welcomed me into his home with his never-ending offers of how he could add the right ingredient to complete my lunchtime meal. “Cindy, can I get you something? How about some spinach? Do you want some spinach? No? You’re OK? How about some cheese? Do you want some cheese? How about some pop? No? OK. Well, suit yourself.” Even though I rarely accepted his offers, his sincere generosity left a smile on my face. Richard showed his patience and willingness to please those he cared about when he would tolerate the games my mom would have at our family barbeques. He was such a sport and even got a big laugh out of himself. We all couldn’t believe we were witnessing Dick waddling up and down the lawn with a chopstick tied to the end of a string that had been wrapped around his waist. The object was for him to dangle the chopstick below his knees to line up just right so it could be dropped into the small end of a funnel. I’ve never seen a friend’s father gyrate his hips in such a suggestive manner! But he did it all with a big smile and a few chuckles. He left smiles on all of our faces. Richard had a special place in his heart for animals. He was such a softy. I will dearly miss him calling out to my dog from behind the security screen of his house when I arrived with him (my dog) to meet Laura for a walk. I could count on hearing, “jack-SON!” every time. Even though he is no longer there to greet us, his voice will ring out in my heart, “jack-SON!” And I will walk off with a smile on my face.

  58. I knew Richard as “Dick” like Connie would say. I could always count on an ear to ear smile when we would bring little Brooklyn over to visit!! The strong sense of DAD went with him everywhere and to everyone For an example the cats were not aloud to go near her because they might scratch or bite. Maybe you just had to be there to feel the love that flowed from his words. I am grateful and I will treasure the shared moments we had with him. Sorry Dick but our 2nd baby will not be named Bronx because we are having another girl Madison.—–Love Lisa

  59. Suzanne Mead says

    Laura ~
    My deepest heartfelt sympathies I extend to you and your mom. I remember your dad coming into your moms work and always with a smile and a witty joke and the mouth watering description of the Italian feast he was preparing. I was fortunate he would always bring me a sample; my favorite his egg plant parmesan! Anyone who talked to your dad instantly knew the true meaning of “apple of his eye” this was clearly you! You are truly daddy’s little girl!

    A memory is when your heart takes a picture… it lasts a lifetime. May you find comfort in your memories to help ease your pain. Your dad is now with your brother Michael and watching over you and your mom.
    Brad and Suzanne Mead

  60. Reginald Todd Hewitt says

    My dear friend Laura,
    I am so saddened by the news of you losing your father! My heart aches for you and certainly my prayers and the prayers of my family are extended to you. No words can express the loss of a loved one, especially the loss of a parent or a child. Much love and continued blessing both sent your way this evening!

    Reginald Todd Hewitt_The Courtney Project
    Orlando, Florida

  61. God bless you and your family Laura. I am here for you, always.
    Your friend for life,
    Dani Phillips

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