Laura Farago is Taking Action – Tribute to her Father * Up-dated

Laura Farago is Taking Action to …

sharing the thoughts of his FAMILY and friends that loved him so much.
Here is a photo from Christine’s wedding day where he is holding Laura.

Thank You, DAD!

There is truly not a better father on this planet…not just because you spoiled me rotten but because of the incredible man you were. I’ve always had so much respect for you, your work ethic, your education and how you did it on your own working days and going to college at night. I always knew who to come to for practical advice and your words of wisdom over the years were invaluable. It was as if you were the human encyclopedia at times; it just blew my mind how brilliant you were and the fact that you knew so much about so many subjects such as history, politics, finances to name a few.

I admired all you learned from years on Wall Street at the top brokerage firms. You always put our families needs ahead of your own to be sure we were safe, healthy, happy and provided for. You stood up for what you believed in and never took crap from anyone! You had such a soft side when it came to children and animals. I loved how you would insist all the cats I brought you were really your kitties and show me when they did something cute.

You would make monthly donations to Delta Humane Society to help animals in need and St. Jude to raise funds for kids with cancer. When I was fighting for my life on the oncology floor for so long and needed you the most, you were a true hero day in and out and truly the strongest man I knew. As you reminded me to look at all the positives (you listed them out for me all the time during our chats), I became more grateful for all I had going for me. The glass was always half full! I will always remember your incredible stories and jokes, hear your expressions in my head, and carry you in my heart as you continue to guide me throughout my life. As I always used to tell you, “Love ye to infinity!” XO

As you know I had the honor and pleasure of working with your father for many years. He was an incredible headhunter and an extraordinary man. Nothing was more important to him than his family. And you, dear Laura, were his pride and joy. He loved you and your mother with all of his heart. Every conversation included the Italian feast he was cooking for dinner that night and always ended with a few of his jokes. He loved to make people laugh. I will miss him dearly.
Nicki Boscia Durlester

Richard (Dick) Farago was such a wonderful man, a warm, caring, considerate father, husband, friend and individual. Dick had a great sense of humor and shared so much of that and the other great elements of his personality with the ones that he loved and those that were close to him. Dick thought of others first, including myself, so often before he thought of himself to the point that I would often have to tell him, ‘No thanks, Dick” when he would ask if I wanted something, or what he could do for me, or what he could get for me. There were so many times that my reply instead would be, “What can I do for you Dick?” because of his sincerity and selflessness. Dick also was a no-nonsense individual who would do anything to protect the ones that he loved, and he was prepared to fight fiercely for them in an instant should the need for that ever arise.

I can remember times joking with Dick about him appearing to be a rather harmless gentleman, only to have Dick pull out of his jacket a small pistol to show he was packing. The gun was registered of course, and he had a permit to carry it, because Dick always believed in doing things the right way. Dick never planned to use that pistol, but he believed in his right to carry it and have it near him if the occasion ever arose that he or his dear family were threatened. That was the essence of Dick: He believed in himself and his values as an American, and he cared about nothing more than loving and protecting those that were dear to him.

Dick was a deeply caring and generous soul who searched for the truth and meaning in life. He was a patient teacher and mentor committed to the excellence of his mentees. Dick had such a strong work ethic and integrity.
Marci Massei

I’ve had a long professional history with you Dad and was so pleased to have finally met him and your Mom a few years back when I was in Northern CA. Your Dad has more stories and more information than anyone else I know – honestly. I’m not sure through which search firm I first became acquainted with your Dad, but once I went off on my own in 2001, he was a frequent (actually, almost constant) contributor to my business. In fact, I attribute much of my success to working with him — and I’m not just saying this now that he’s gone, I’ve said it many times in the past. Your Dad was a remarkable partner to me. Even though we had a professional relationship, I learned a lot about his love for you. I have admired how close you and your father were.
Shelley Pogorelsky

God Bless You All. Gods peace be with you all at this time and always as your dad enters the kingdom of god where your dad love and guiadance will be with you forever. Your dad your brother together in heaven to watch over you both. Bless You. I am going to miss ur dad and will always recall how smart he was and I think he is one of the finest god loving man who gave so much to our country, not only military service, but service to human kind, sharing knowledge history, cooking and friendship, Bless him, bless him, love to you all.
Mary Schmierer

Sundays will never be the same. Every Sunday he told me the joke of the week. I will miss our political discussions. But most of all I will miss him.
Connie Scimecca Newubauer

The jokes, every weekend growing up we all got together either going out to dinner or each others home in canarsie/ howard beach, your dad had a new joke each time to tell my parents. some where dirty so i couldn’t listen.
Joanna Bernardini

When I first met your Dad back in 02′ he was a kindred spirit to me because it was like I had known him for years. We obviously clicked since he was a true Patriot all the while using a Dick Farago original such as “Libsocoms”– truly a great original. He was a gentleman and scholar and one of those true American’s that you wish was your neighbor. Although we mourn his loss we celebrate knowing he is in now Heaven with Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:8:

8 we are of good courage, I say,

and (A)prefer rather to be absent from the body and (B)to be at home with the Lord.

You will be missed Dick,
Jim Smith

After a week of fighting for his life in ICU, my father (April 28, 1934-June 1, 2011) joined my brother Michael (May 13, 1971-April 17, 1982) in heaven. A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime! I will never forget the happiness they brought to all of us!

I made the best decision of my life to marry you 34 years ago and have you as my husband and the father of our children.

Connie Farago

I’ll miss our trips together dad and our little phone calls to check in to see if all is well. I will miss you forever.
~Christine Porcaro

Wished we lived closer to get to know you better over the years. We knew you were always a phone call a way when we needed you.
Courtney, Cristen and Vincent Jr.

Uncle Dick was the best joke teller that ever was. I loved his fascination with animals and nature, his affection with the many cats in his care and how he would refer to me as “nephew” and “Dan-I-L”. And what a cook!
Daniel Heffernan

My Friend, Richard (Ricardo sometimes): Notice the emphasized word, “friend.” That’s sincere, probably one of my best friends, and a true friend. Richard was a proud family man, and cared for the needs of his loved ones. Richard was also a God fearing man, and believed in the Almighty. He was a guy I could talk to. We kicked around a lot of subjects, but more recently our thoughts were on our elected representatives and where they were taking us. We sometimes discussed our service days, Rich was in the Army, and I was in the Air Force about the same time, 1955-1958/59. We talked about our younger years, Rich in Brooklyn and myself in Philadelphia…We both ended up in California, and became friends. How’s that for coincidence? I will miss my friend a great deal! No more calls back and forth, no more breakfasts in Stockton, and no more lunches at Richard’s house- and he sure could cook Italian…YUM, YUM, GOOD! More importantly, no more camaraderie with a welcome, knowledgeable, nice guy. As I recall my favorite parts of my friendship with Richard, I am truly blessed to have called him a friend. Bye Richard, God bless you!
Dave Sundy

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad and he was so lucky to have such a wonderful carrying daughter like you. He was always there for you and your friends. I can remember him cruising by the school (in that car that looked like a policy vehicle) during play time just to make sure we were okay and remember all those times he brought you and I fast food. I can’t ever remember your Dad raising his voice or getting mad at us. Well maybe when we use to hit one another and you always had to get the last tap in- I think once or twice he told us to knock it off. I can only remember your Dad with a happy face and always willing to cook us anything. He was a man that I always looked up to- He was bright, good in the kitchen, and kind hearted. He would follow me home on my bike to make sure I got home safe, plus let us watch Days of Our Lives while he worked in the back office. What Dad did that; most of them wanted to look at sports or the news? There’s so many wonderful times spent at your home I can’t even count them!
~Roxie Ormsby

I loved the time when I came to visit and he said that if it was to late and I didn’t want to drive I could sleep on the floor. I think he even repeated it a few times. I loved it! I also really thought it was funny when he would peek into the room every 30 minutes to see what we were up to while we were watching TV. He was great! It seemed like he really loved that cat and you could tell that she was very content with that spot on your dads lap. I’m just glad I got to meet him. He reminded me so much of my grandfather. Like I said, I believe that people come into our lives for a reason.

Anthony Pietronave


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sends our blessings and love to Laura and all her family, reminding one and all that Dad has only changed clothing, that he will always be right here with them in Spirit and always carried with them in their hearts.

TAPS played at Richard’s ServiceVideo Online Only


FLAG PRESENTATION to Family ~ Beautiful Memorial

Do his legacy proud and be filled with Joy, Take Action in your Lives and Live Out Loud.


Written and prepared with love by his Daughter, LAURA FARAGO

VIDEO ONLINE ONLY – RICHARD FARAGO interviews his daughter, Laura, sharing her experience with BONE CANCER.

“I ask myself if I died tomorrow, what was the purpose of my existence and I answered LAURA…my sweet, lovely child who I hold in my heart before ALL things in life.” ~Richard Farago (my dad who passed away June 1st, 2011 journaled this years ago and I just found it so here are a few photos of my father, grandmother, and brother Michael who are no longer with us!)

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