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Great news! This is the last official week of the Cardinal grand cross. In scanning the charts to write this week’s letter, a pattern emerged that I thought was pretty cool. I will outline this pattern to help you navigate the week.

First, expect to run into limitations all week long. It’s like operating in a box. That’s what a grand cross is. If you look at chart with a grand cross in it, you can see a box which is also called a “grand square“. When you’re living with one of these in your chart or living under one of these, you’re going to be contained within a certain perimeter.
This grand cross includes Saturn, which imposes restrictions, so boundaries are doubly emphasized this week. Basically wherever you go or whatever you try to do, you’re going to encounter delay or other opposition. Happily, this is not some horrible curse. There is a reason you can’t ride a bicycle 700 miles an hour and if you can think in these terms you can really start to get a benefit from this.
The blocks you run into are liable to be stark. People are very aware of what they lack right now and what they have lost. It may be their job, their looks, their lover, their parent or even the last 10 years. If you’re 40, you’ve got to realize you will never be 30 again. However, acknowledging things like this allows you to reorient yourself and configure your life towards happiness whereas not acknowledging things like this prevent that.

Break down, then break through…

That’s the ticket!

You can also mute or even avoid trouble this week if you make cooperating with others a goal. Think along the lines of supporting rather than hindering the people around you and this should come back to you for the most part. Friends (Uranus) and partners (Venus) can empower you (Pluto) at this time as you return the favor.
So that’s the grand cross which stays in play all week. You’ll have to be on your toes trying to keep things balanced but the movement of the Moon provides distraction, particularly Saturday through Tuesday.
Saturday we have a grand trine in water and things flow. Sunday is a grind as we lose the benefit of the trine and we’re back to the monotony of the grand cross.
Monday we have a grand trine in fire and people go with their pants on fire. Tuesday is a grind as again, the grand trine breaks up and we’re back to the grand cross.
I like the pattern here. If you’re hit with a bad patch you’ll know there will be release within 24 hours and this has got to help you ride the waves.
We close out the week on Wednesday with the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, involved in the grand cross. It may feel like a low point but this actually marks the culmination of Cardinal grand cross of June/July 2011.
Based on this, if you’ve navigated reasonably well over these last weeks, be sure to take some time to acknowledge your own effort as well as the effort of those who have stood by you through this trying time.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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