Arsya Reynova, On Love and Kindness

On Love and Kindness

Most people have an inspiration in their life.

Maybe it’s a talk with someone you respect or an experience.

Whatever the inspiration, it tends to make you look at life from different perspective. My inspiration always comes from my mother, Sri. She’s a great success as a wife and a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend. She’s so smart and kind, plus my friend say she is gorgeous and all that.

But it’s more how she handles things, how she treats her friends and her family, how she cares about people that makes me so proud. That’s the stuff that I aspire to be. She’s everything to my family. I am thankful that God let me have my mother until now and I am happy that I am able to let her know how much I love her. My mother always tells me to remember to never do anything that I feel isn’t right, no matter what, and never to forget that I can always trust my heart.

Another important advices that I still remember when I was in Senior High School, she told me that … 

“Unconditional Love’s the most precious gift we can give, being forgiven for the past is the most precious gift we can receive. We must show our kindness in giving to others because kindness in giving creates love.”

I still hold her advices in my heart. Because of my mother, I trust life. I have visions and mission in my life.

My Visions: I will do anything with great love and be generous with kindly words. I will allow my intuition, my heart, my divine knowledge to lead me. I will always work hard for what I want and keep trying after I have been turned away and I believe my dreams will come true.

My Missions: By giving, I can teach others how to give also and I will make a life by what I give like my mother does. I hope I can dispense enthusiasm&inspiration which have the potential to turn a life around.

With deep heart-blossoming-love,

Arsya Reynova


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