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A Message from VERONICA

Artful Expression of the Soul



“The linear physical existence is a canvas of opportunity for those who are vivid, colorful artists. Nowhere in “All That Is” can a soul express itself so emotionally & thought filled.

It is important for all of you to take to your heart this incredible gift of creation. The current timeline distracts from expression of the soul with the perceived imbalance of energy. All of you have created artfully a linear hero to deliver you from your miscalculated efforts of creation.

It is often that way in the physical.

Your history provides many variations of an energetic hero focused upon deliverance. This time is no differnt.

We would caution the importance of your continued participation, and not lending all your focus to some one else creating your reality.

Be a full participant in this resolving moment. It is only the illusion of a messaiah that intrigues the linear you. If you must, use the illusion to regain your confidence but realize that reality, expecially mass consciousness events, requires the thoughtful artful expression of all.

Do not sit back & wait for deliverance. Be an artful expressive energy in the creation of the event.”


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