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Dear Catherine,
As a member of my Facebook network, I am sharing this email I sent to NASCO in the hope you might be able to assist me.
Details are available in the forwarded message below. Please share this information with others within your network who might be interested in partnering with me.
I am available for a discussion, or to answer your questions by calling: 267.770.3946
Napoleon C. Birch Jr.
—–Original Message—–
From: “Napoleon C. Birch Jr.” <[email protected] >
Sent: Tue, 31 May 2011 13:02:05 Pacific Daylight Time
To: [email protected]
Subject: Purchase and conversion of 5110 Brown Street to Cooperative Housing
May 31st, 2011
Dear Steve,
As per our telephone conversation last week, I am following up on the property located at 5110 Brown Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 1913. This property belongs to my mother. She is about to list it with a Realtor for sale in it’s ?As Is? Condition; which is significantly less than current market price of properties in this community. Additionally, current real estate developments at 4800 Brown Street suggests a higher market valuation in the near future. I have the skills and experiences needed to bring this property to reflect the highest market valuation, at a nominal costs.
*View property Location:*
*Photos of Current Condition of Property:*
I am contacting you as an individual member of NASCO because I would like to purchase this property and convert it to cooperative housing. There are three bedrooms, I want to occupy one. There is an unfinished basement I would like to finish and have serve as the office of Village Direct Civic Ventures LLc. I lack the credit to execute this by myself. In exchange for my labor in getting this property to its current condition, my mother has agreed to make a gift sufficient to cover down payment and closing costs to my foundation, VillageDirect.Org; through it’s operating company Village Direct Civic Ventures LLC.

Technically, I am homeless, have been for the past four years since properties  developed with my mother (211 N 52nd Street Philadelphia Pa. 19139; and 5245 Cedar Avenue) properties were lost. While I have tried to find employment as well as to pursue my work with, circumstances around me have made it nearly impossible. This accounts for my current financial condition.

There are lots of others in similar position like myself. Through your help, I can provide help for them. I am committed to using my skills and experience to help improve the living conditions of people in economically depressed communities. I believe cooperatives of all types can play a vital role in this regard. I would like to utilize the experience and strength of NASCO for this purpose.
In addition to constructions skills I developed while renovating properties over the past ten years; I am also an experienced Investmen banker, and mortgage broker. I am skilled at developing financial plans, and fund raising. I have an excellent understanding of th Pennsylvania Securities Law – Regulation E; as well as the SEC regulation A, D, and Small Company Offering laws. These are skills I believe can be useful for your work at NASCO.
Attached is a copy of my resume for your review. I am prepared to show you the property at your earliest convenience. And to discuss financial terms to facilitate this purchase; while providing necessary security for your organization. The earlier the better, considering listing with a Realtor reduces the amount of gift dollars available from the property.
Best regards,
Napoleon C. Birch Jr.
5110 Brown Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19139

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