Elsa P: June 16, 2011 , Cardinal Grand Cross – Heads Up!

Upset stomachs and agitated minds will be the norm this week as Mercury is hit hard by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Consider this to be the baseline or the tip of the iceberg as this week’s grand cross really presents an acute situation.

Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo, information, communications, siblings, neighbors and your health may be involved. Expect gross, deeply (Pluto) shocking
(Uranus) communications or information (Mercury) to be exposed this week. The Weiner scandal fits the mold but this will likely go beyond that.

Keep in mind, things like this play not only on the world stage but in your personal life. You may here news of a death (Pluto) for example. It occurs to me
that death sentences (literal or metaphorical) are handed out under a sky like this. It could be a via medical diagnosis of a terminal illness or it could be
the end (Pluto) of a person’s career (Saturn) or some other type news that makes them feel like they’re dying.

These things may be karmic and/or deserved (Saturn) or they may occur to teach a person a lesson. In almost all cases, whatever it is is likely to be
final. By that I mean, if you lose your job, you will not be able to negotiate. If a judge sends you to jail, you’re going. Your best course here is to absorb
the shock, contain it and come up with a plan, using your intellect.

There are good ways to approach this in general, as outlined here: Grand Cross. As always some will fare well, making hay in spite of the inclement weather. The mind is stressed but also potentially empowered, (Pluto), brilliant (Uranus) and disciplined (Saturn).

Right in the middle of this, the weekend is exceptionally good for socializing particularly if you want to network. This may not be especially pleasant but it’s pleasant enough so go ahead and make the contact or send the proposal if you’ve got one lying around.

The work week will be difficult due the grand cross but also because Mars is squaring Neptune which describes a sneak attack. Many will be paranoid
(Mercury/Pluto) and some will have good cause as there will definitely some underhanded, undermining going on.

I don’t recommend you try something like this yourself because if you’re caught, the repercussions are liable to be excruciating. Fantasize your revenge
instead, or better yet, transcend (Neptune) your anger (Mars) because I don’t think lashing out is favored this week, to say the least.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P

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