ELSA P. – ‘Cardinal Grand Cross, Fantasy And Brains As An Aphrodisiac‏’

The cardinal grand cross dominates this intense, interesting and intricate week.

The cross will create a stressful, pressured atmosphere that will be sustained all week.

Luckily, the rest of the planets are very active so they’ll be plenty of distractions outside of the monotony of the grand cross.

In fact, you can think of the grand cross as being like a weather forecast for a blistering heat wave occurring during a week-long cruise. It may be hot all week, but there many activities scheduled so there will be various ways to have fun in the (unrelenting) sun.

Here’s a run down:

Thursday, most will be aware of the lines and limits in their lives. This offers a chance to adapt to the confines you’re faced with and come up with a plan around how you want to deal with them.

On Friday, passions are inflamed as Mars squares Neptune and sexual fantasies flare up for good or ill. Some do well to have the escape while others with sexual addictions fall off the wagon here if they’re not careful. In whatever case, no one is bored.

Saturday, the Moon hooks up with Jupiter and people have fun. If you’ve been down, you’re to come up at least a little. Sunday is instructive in a way that benefits a person due to an aspect between the moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Look for a teacher/preacher archetype, a person both benevolent and authoritative to show up somewhere as they are likely to slip you an ace that you can use even if you hate gurus.

Monday is spectacular. We still have the pressure of the hot sun, steadily beating down but the sky is full of sextiles and creative energy flows freely all day. For many this will be the best day of our week-long cruise.

On Tuesday, the moon conjuncts Mars in Gemini which favors the the fast thinker. Ideas come fast and furious and people may fight over them.

Wednesday is also focused on the intellect and offers the chance to clarify, refine and settle Tuesday’s brash ideas which can be used to get ahead (Mars) or make money (Venus). With Venus in Gemini, intelligence is attractive and with Mars in the sign, people will strive to show their prowess on this front. Good idea!

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P
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