Charlene Brisson: 3-Step Marketing Webinar Series June 27, 28 & 29

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Our very own WOMAN of ACTION, Charlene Brisson is now available to all the Women of our World, globally, through this amazing 3-Step Marketing Webinar Series June 27, 28 & 29 .


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Charlene Brisson Communications

Join me for our 3-Step Marketing Webinar Series
June 27, 28 and 29, 2011
You’ll create a simple 3-Step Marketing Plan to implement immediately.
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There are three marketing steps that EVERY business owner and markete MUST DO to optimize lead generation and sales revenue.

June 27 – Step ONE:
Identify your IDEAL Customer

June 28 – Step TWO: Craft a Message that Speaks to your IDEAL Customer

June 29 – Step THREE: Select Tactics that Reach your IDEAL Customer

These steps are a proven model that will NEVER change no matter how much or how rapidly technology and the market changes. Once you complete these steps, your business will immediately improve. Leads AND revenue will increase. Each webinar session is hands-on and part of creating a 3-Step Marketing Plan.

You can start implementing the proven system after the first session, it’s that quick and effective. For more DETAILED information about each session go to 3-Step Marketing Webinar Series .

You’ll learn a PROVEN system to use again and again.

Only $47

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Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paypal accepted.

The 3-Step Marketing Webinar Series is facilitated by Charlene Brisson, MAPCthe 3-Step Marketing Pro. Charlene has taken her 25 years of global marketing and communications experience and narrowed it down to 3 proven steps to help you succeed fast. These 3 marketing steps have worked over and over again for her and are the primary principles of ALL successful business. Charlene has helped hundreds of small businesses to use these steps to advance their sales.
You’ll enjoy Charlene’s passionate, entertaining and innovative style as you create a quick plan to execute on immediately.

Learn more about Charlene Brisson.
The 3-Step Marketing Webinar Series covers all 3 important proven steps and uses Charlene’s book 148 Ways to Advertise & Promote Your Business to help you identify marketing tactics that are right for your business.
So what are you waiting for … take these steps now and change your business for the better … forever.

These 3-Steps are the foundation of ALL successful marketing campaigns.

Only $47

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Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paypal accepted.


CHARLENE’S ~ 1 Minute 3 STEP Marketing Tip ~

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