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A number of cat owners have discovered something amazing: they can learn tricks! Predictably, because a cat’s disposition is different than a dog’s, their training is different too. Your cat needs to be in the mood to please you. And the trick has to be on outgrowth of a behaviour she does naturally. Success is better guaranteed if when working for food rewards, so try wet food, cat treats, or a few kibbles of dry food, using verbal praise as well.

Success is also more likely if you work only one command at a time. Be consistent. And let your pet work at her own speed. When you see even the slightest sign of lesson recognition, reward her enthusiastically. Here are a few popular tricks to try:


Say your cat’s name followed by the command “come,” tapping her food bowl to get her attention. When she comes, praise her lavishly, then give her the food. With any luck, your pet will eventually associate the food with the command.

Shake hello

Sit your kitten in front of you. Touch her paw and say, “Shake.” When she reacts to your touch by lifting her paw, shake it and give her verbal approval and a treat. Remember to be consistent, and to repeat the command the same way each time.

Sit up

With your pet seated in front of you, hold a treat over her head and say, “Sit up.” Wait for her to sit back on her haunches, front paws off the ground, then swiftly give her a treat and hearty praise. Repeat several times.


It’s natural for your pet to swipe at a dangling morsel of food. This in mind, hold a bit of food just in front of her nose, but just out of reach of her front paws. Then, move your hands back and forth in a waving motion while telling your cat to “wave.” As she reaches for the food, it will appear as if she is waving. When she does, praise her and give her the treat.


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