WOMEN Taking Action in post-conflict countries seek justice !

Women in post-conflict countries seek justice


Nowrin TabassumMyrna Mack

Myrna Mack was assassinated outside her offices in Guatemala City by armed forces in 1990. She was an anthropologist doing research on displaced people. The Myrna Mack case was the first human rights litigation tried in the Guatemalan courts. In 1993, Myrna’s sister, Helen, established the Myrna Mack Foundation, which tried to pursue justice for Myrna Mack through national and international courts. The Foundation is also engaged in promoting human rights in Guatemala and helping fight impunity.



Nowrin TabassumSimonetta Zarrilli, UNCTAD

Maximizing “Gross National Happiness” in Bhutan

Bhutan, a small landlocked country in south Asia, has as one of its most important national goals, “gross national happiness”. In other words, the country is concerned about an economy that maximizes the material, spiritual and cultural well-being of its people. Bhutan’s economy is based on forestry, tourism and agriculture. Dan Dickinson spoke to Simonetta Zarrilli of UNCTAD about women’s expanding role in creating “gross national happiness“.


Nowrin TabassumNowrin Tabassum


Woman fights sexual harassment in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country in South East Asia is traditionally a male-dominated society. But a new breed of women is fighting for change. Thirty year old Nowrin Tabassum is one of them. UN Television’s Francis Mead relates the story.




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