The Awakened Man Summit Week- REGISTER NOW!

This is it! The Awakened Man Summit begins in one
week. And today the doors are open for you to
register and grab some incredible
fr-ee recordings.
I am so excited about this one and can’t wait to
share these 18 Awakened Men with you starting next
week! You’ll have fr-ee access to all of
the live recordings as well as to the 48-hour
streaming replays. So don’t let money get in the

You’re going to find out what it means to be
an Awakened Man in this world. You’re going to
learn that it’s possible to be sensitive AND
successful. You’re going to discover your
Purpose, ignite your Passion and reclaim your
You’re going to see that it’s possible to use
your Masculine Power in a positive, creative,
generative way to bring massive benefit to our
world while creating TRUE Abundance in YOUR life!
Here are just a few of the Awakened Men you’ll
hear from during this summit:
— Sam Keen, author of the bestselling Fire in the
Belly: On Being a Man and one of the catalysts
ofthe modern men’s movement, will share his
insights and tools for discovering your purpose as
a man.
–Andrew Harvey, bestselling author of The Hope: A
Guide to Sacred Activism, will share how Sacred
Activism is a vehicle for integrating Masculine
and Feminine energies in a powerful, generative
way and how you can be a Sacred Activist in your
life – even if you’re not an “activist.”
— You’ll receive a Theta-Healing “Download”
from master-healer Brent Phillips that will open
you to the possibility that there is another way,
an awakened way, of being a man in the world.
— Arjuna Ardagh, bestselling author and
co-creator of the Conscious Men’s Manifesto will
share how devoting yourself to a woman –
whilenot losing focus on your path – can open you more
deeply to your purpose, passion and your power.
— Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire
Course,will share his story and what it took for him to
move into the new model of manhood that allowed
him to follow his guidance, make a massive,
positive difference in the world and create a life
of TRUE Abundance.
And many more!
If you are ready to claim your AUTHENTIC
POWER –not power over but power in alignment with life
– and wield that power for the highest good of
all while creating TRUE Abundance in YOUR
life,you do NOT want to miss the Awakened Man Summit!
Get registered now and you’ll get instant access
to 4 bonus recordings with Bob Doyle, Joe
Vitale,Robert Scheinfeld and Guy Finley. You can listen
to these while you’re waiting for the start of
the summit next week!
I sure hope you’ll join us for the Awakened Man
Summit. It’s going to rock your world… OUR
Your partner in TRUE Abundance
PS. Women… There are a lot of reasons for
you tojoin us as well. You’ll gain a much deeper
understanding of the men in your life – sons,
husbands, lovers, friends – and discover new
ways of connecting and communicating with them.
Plus, we ALL have access to the active, masculine
power. As you understand it, you will be able
tointegrate more easily into your receptive,
feminine power. So I hope that you’ll join us
too. Plus, it will just be fun to engage in an
open conversation around this very important

These MEN will be supporting this event …
Sam Keen will share the 2 questions that all men must ask themselves and why you must answer them in the RIGHT ORDER.
Arjuna Ardagh will share what it means to be a conscious man and how honoring the divine feminine leads to a blossoming of our own lives.
Andrew Harvey will guide you into the world of Sacred Activism a realm that satisfies our deep desire as men to actively and passionately express our purpose in the world.

Dr. Joe Rubino
will share the Secrets he’s discovered for living a non-reactive, upset-free life and practical tools for developing self-esteem.
Brent Phillips will offer powerful Theta Healing “downloads” to reprogram your beliefs about what it means to be a man, opening the door to new ways of embracing your Authentic Power.
Jeff Brown will share tools for peeling away the warrior armour and creating space inside for the emergence of new ways of being that can help you open to your higher guidance and lead you to fulfillment, success and abundance.
Marc Allen will share how waking up – at the age of 30 – claiming his purpose and offering it with passion to the world opened the door to massive financial success and the positive transformation of millions of people.
Harrison Klein will share the powerful concept of I AM and how to use it to reclaim your authentic power as a man.
Chris Cade will share how to connect – Authentically – with your heart… allowing both the good and the bad in order to open more fully to the flow of abundance.
Paul Zelizer will share how you can use wisdom tools to find your way through these changing times and increase your success – like some of today’s leading companies such as Google, Facebook and Zappos.
Bill Plotkin will share the vast difference between the immature masculine (the way most men are living) and the mature masculine and specific steps you can take to step into the mature masculine.
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