PRESS RELEASE …based on a true life Courtney's Story!



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is elated to announce to the Women of our World the following PRESS RELEASE.

A Celebration of Women is a Global Women’s Advocacy Foundation created to inspire all women to step up and Take Action!

This is accomplished through a marketing model of ‘Celebrating the Lives’ of Women Leaders , our WOMEN of ACTION, that are trailblazing, in one way or another, our path in this new millennium, for the further establishment of Gender Equity and Women’s- Human Rights! ” * Our not for profit status allows us to Advocate at no cost to any of our women; relying solely on corporate responsibility sponsorship and advertising revenues.


A Celebration of Women is Taking Action !



PRESS RELEASE …based on a true life Story!

FIRST DRAFT is now done @ June 2010 !!!


A Celebration of Women,” the Toronto-based Global Women’s Advocacy Foundation, has partnered up with a group of independent filmmakers from Orlando, Florida, and purchased the rights to the life-story of Courtney Hewitt with the goal of producing a feature-length film entitled Jealous Gods.

A contemporary Southern drama, Jealous Gods tells the story of a white, HIV-positive, young woman who, accompanied by her four black children, shows up on the doorsteps of her father, the man who two decades earlier had abandoned his family for his gay lover.  As his daughter succumbs to a rare HIV-related disease, he battles his partner, the community, and his own past, to earn a second chance at being a father. In a society still divided over race, religion, gay issues and the healthcare, Jealous Gods aspires to be a reflection on human lives torn between bigotry and love. “

~~Director, Jealous Gods


Kate King Lynch

Development funds were secured at the end of February 2011. Kate King Lynch (the screenwriter behind “Renee”) and first-time director Caesar Voghan are currently working on the screenplay.  Kate King Lynch:



Kate King Lynch is Taking Action!


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in the lives of our WOMEN of ACTION.




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