PRESS RELEASE …based on a true life Courtney’s Story!



A Celebration of Women


is elated to announce to the Women of our World the following PRESS RELEASE.

A Celebration of Women is a Global Women’s Advocacy Foundation created to inspire all women to step up and Take Action!

This is accomplished through a marketing model of ‘Celebrating the Lives’ of Women Leaders , our WOMEN of ACTION, that are trailblazing, in one way or another, our path in this new millennium, for the further establishment of Gender Equity and Women’s- Human Rights! ” * Our not for profit status allows us to Advocate at no cost to any of our women; relying solely on corporate responsibility sponsorship and advertising revenues.


A Celebration of Women is Taking Action !



PRESS RELEASE …based on a true life Story!

FIRST DRAFT is now done @ June 2010 !!!


A Celebration of Women,” the Toronto-based Global Women’s Advocacy Foundation, has partnered up with a group of independent filmmakers from Orlando, Florida, and purchased the rights to the life-story of Courtney Hewitt with the goal of producing a feature-length film entitled Jealous Gods.

A contemporary Southern drama, Jealous Gods tells the story of a white, HIV-positive, young woman who, accompanied by her four black children, shows up on the doorsteps of her father, the man who two decades earlier had abandoned his family for his gay lover.  As his daughter succumbs to a rare HIV-related disease, he battles his partner, the community, and his own past, to earn a second chance at being a father. In a society still divided over race, religion, gay issues and the healthcare, Jealous Gods aspires to be a reflection on human lives torn between bigotry and love. “

~~Director, Jealous Gods


Kate King Lynch

Development funds were secured at the end of February 2011. Kate King Lynch (the screenwriter behind “Renee”) and first-time director Caesar Voghan are currently working on the screenplay.  Kate King Lynch:



Kate King Lynch is Taking Action!


 A Celebration of Women


in the lives of our WOMEN of ACTION.




A Celebration of Women


  1. Wow, what an interesting story. Will go see the movie and get the book. Candi Kloverstrom

  2. Adele Butler says

    This is a story that definitely needs to be told. These four children lost their mother. A father lost his daughter. A young woman lost her life. This movie is the raise awareness about PML and hopefully, it will bring much needed changes to the healthcare system. Todd, it took great courage to bring this story to light but thank you for doing it. What a terrific way to celebrate Courtney’s life and keep her legacy going. Her story can help others.

  3. courtneyproject says

    Dear Delores,

    I feel as if I am walking in your shoes as I have walked in my daughter Courtney’s for a little over two years now. Your lives seem to run paralell. If there is anything I can do for you, be it advise, counceling or referrals to some wonderful agencies like please let me know as I am available 24-7. Continued blessings sent your way and tonight a special little prayer for you and your four wonderful children!

  4. courtneyproject says

    Dear Mary B.

    Who gives a damn as you so stated, makes no difference to me…I answer to only one God…..Yes answer, because he calls on me regulary and I am eager to walk beside him! Thanks for your comment and please feel free to share this site with all you love!

  5. courtneyproject says

    Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule at JH to leave your comment! Thanks for your caring, compassion and your support and regards to your lovely wife!

  6. courtneyproject says

    Dear Jen,
    You mine friend are a diamond and I wish I had a pocket full! I’d crush them and sprinkle them over the heads of everyone I love!

  7. courtneyproject says

    Thank you for your comment! It is most appreciated and I wish more readers would take a few moments to do as you have done. It brings great joy, warmth and fullfillment to my heart and soul to know my work is not in vane!

  8. Todd

    Delores M. Wrote:

    As a mother of four children myself and my current health issues, none related to HIV/Aids but it wouldn’t matter if I was. Adequate healthcare is treatment even for animals! I too have followed you on Facebook and other Blogs you have written. The U.S is so far behind and out of the loop when it comes to healthcare. For those of us on Public Assistance are often looked upon and thought of as ingigent because for what ever reason we are down on our luck. Other nations are the first to reach out to the U.S. for help for what ever they happen to need at the time! Let someone down on their luck reach out and they all but whack it off! Does this lower our sef esteem even lower simply because our spouses, husbands, significant others have lost their jobs, could it be any lower at this point? Look at other countries Healthcare systems President Obama, don’t you care? If nothing else comes from this movie, “Jealous Gods”, at least everyone who goes to see it will see the struggle this young woman who died of PML had to endure! What is PML? I bet you after this movie is done, everyone will know! You are an amazing father, from what I have read and Googled. Your daughter was so fortunate to have you. The death of a child has to be unbearable and honestly I don’t know how you do what you do. You’ve included this statement in most of your blogs, stories, etc. “Courtney lost her Voice to PML, Won’t you lend her Yours”? The first time I read that, it was so profound, I could not stop crying. I held my youngest daughter close to me and felt closer to her than I ever had before! God Bless You and keep up the good work.

    Delores M.

    Washington, D.C.

  9. Mary B. Wrote:

    You worry to much what people think! This story must be told! Who gives a damn whether your gay or not? God doesn’t! Obviously, if he did, he wouldn’t be carrying you through and along this journey! PML is the issue here! With so many people (85 to 90%) of our world’s population susceptible……..Hell yeah, keep up the good work. Hollywood Smollywood, let them embellish as long as PML is in the story, have it Hollywood!

  10. Dr. JP Wrote:

    My wife, a colleague of mine and a mother of three, both have been following this story for over two years now and have been embarrassed and very disappointed by the medical professional that treated Courtney! Sometimes I lie awake at night and have actually cried many tears over this! We applaud you Todd for all you are doing to raise global awareness. Not only my wife and I, but many others in our profession are behind you 100%. I too would like to say this on your behalf. This certainly seems like some legal action should be taken against the doctors involved in your daughter’s treatment, especially the Specialist! As far as the Press Release is concerned; anyone who has ever been to the movies, knows exactly how Hollywood embellishes what we see on the screen! You have to remember this, you have brought PML to the forefront with your awareness campaign from what we have read, over 210 countries! Once your movie hits the theatres, multiply that tenfold and my friend, your Goal will have been reached and Courtney’s Legacy will live forever!

  11. Hi Todd,
    Jen wrote:
    If you haven’t read Todd’s Book, “Courtney’s Story,” you must. It’s a true story written by my long time friend, and is now being made into a movie! Todd’s sharing of his daughter’s untimely death at the age of 31, of PML, is beautifully done. Due to his many laborious hours doing his own research on this horrible disease, he has put it in layman’s terms for us and how fortunate are we for that?

  12. This is goodness in action. Tears are rolling down my cheeks.
    A big hug and thank you to all involved with this outreach, which demands understanding and compassion.

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