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Here is some important info about my journey…. HERE

Lynne is raising funds to be treated by The International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy (CTCI) who provide groundbreaking treatments for patients with cancer as well as non-malignant diseases. Some of the treatments are provided in Israel, and others are provided in other locations, in accordance with local regulations.

Lynne-Hazelden1The cancer treatments include a broad range of personalized immune therapies, oncolytic virus therapies, and tailored drug regimens with reduced toxicity. CTCI’s personalized approaches aim to rehabilitate and/or regulate the patient’s immune system, or to introduce donor immune-system cells, to effectively fight disease and treat other disease correctable by bone marrow or adipose-tissue-derived stem cells. This would not only help treat Lynne’s cancer but help her regain her health which was compromised ten years ago by a devastating allergic reaction to mercury and amalgam.

This was officially diagnosed by Guy’s Hospital and has left her health severely compromised for the last ten years. She is hoping to follow this treatment path as she hopes not only are her chances of survival much higher but also that her underlying health might be regained.

This is Lynne’s story told by her friend

“I met Lynne in 1999 when she bounced into my life as an energetic bundle of positivity. She worked as a background artiste on TV shows like Holby City, The Bill, East Enders and Judge John Deed. She was featured in many big films most notably Star Wars. There is even a playing card with her character on it!

She regularly got up at 5am to travel to London in her little car for a long day’s filming. In her spare time Lynne had worked for The Hunger Project on a global level and also brought courses to the UK to help children and teenagers to learn skills that helped them to communicate better and be more confident and happy.

Not long after I met her, she developed a severe allergic reaction to mercury & amalgam in her fillings and when they were removed without full protection, she ingested the very thing that she was so allergic to. The bubbly energetic person was reduced to somebody who endured great pain and overwhelming fatigue.

Other people would have curled up in a depressed ball and given up, but Lynne had an idea for a project that she could work on from her bed, via the Internet, to keep herself positive. She went on to create something extraordinary.

Despite her life being changed irrevocably by her illness, Lynne had become passionate about the cause for World Peace and shining a light on all the people who do good things in the world. She set up a website called

peace one day

Her dream was to allow people to declare that they stood for Peace. They could then download their Certificate for Peace with their personal number on it. (They didn’t even need to give an email address!) They could print it out, use it as a screen saver and even put it onto a mug or a tee shirt. A simple gesture, but Lynne’s thinking was that if she could get one billion souls on this planet to say “Yes, I stand for Peace” then there could be a shift of World Consciousness: rather like the concept of the butterfly’s wings altering the course of life.

This movement has grown into a yearly concert, broadcast live on Peaceday.TV that happens all over the world. Many huge global organisations including Peace One Day, Peace Jam (10 Nobel Laureates working with youth), Pathways to Peace, Humanity’s Team and Imagine Peace have collaborated with her. Lynne was made a Goodwill Ambassador for The Goodwill Treaty for Peace and Fellow of The Peace Research Institute for her efforts in promoting peace and raising awareness of Peace Day. Her Facebook group alone has 25,000 members. All this, from a bedridden body, that is still fighting the poison that laid her so low.

A year ago with the help of regular thermal imaging photography, Lynne was diagnosed with Grade 3 aggressive ductal carcinoma – breast cancer. It was caught very early and most people would have opted for a simple lumpectomy followed by a course of Tamoxifen and radiotherapy. Because of Lynne’s already compromised health, she took the brave decision to have her whole breast removed, a belt and braces approach, so she could avoid the follow-up treatment which might effect her health still further.

An amazing team at the Queen Victoria hospital in East Grinstead led by Mr Zammit and plastic surgeon Mr Boorman, removed her breast and built her a ‘bionic boob’ from her stomach’s fatty tissue and muscle. The results were extraordinary and Lynne was slowly recovering from the enormous operation when somebody turned around quickly in a queue, hitting the breast reconstruction with their elbow.


A small lump developed and the hospital thought it was perhaps scar tissue or fat necrosis. It became red and inflamed and eventually with persistent persuasion from Lynne, she had an ultrasound and a small needle biopsy. The results came back that the cancer had returned in the reconstruction – almost unheard of, in fact it had only happened once in the history of the hospital.

The next step in the UK would be for Lynne to have a lumpectomy. Once that tissue is analysed, she would probably be given a course of radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Because of her previous and ongoing ill health this would simply be too much for her body.

Did you know there are cures available already in ISRAEL and in trials in the USA? That in the UK there are already complementary medicines available that can considerably reduce the side effects of current treatments?

After a lot of research, Lynne discovered two ongoing programmes that might not only treat her cancer but also address the underlying health problems caused by the allergic reaction. One of these is Dr Burzynski‘s groundbreaking work in America that has reached the final stages of FDA approval. It’s a gene-targeted therapy that gives a much more refined medicine, specifically targeted for your particular genetic make-up and cancer. It is having extraordinary results.

Watch this video to find out more.

You can watch the whole movie here:

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.

The other option is at The International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy.

CTCI provides groundbreaking treatments for patients with cancer or non-malignant diseases. Some of the treatments are provided in Israel, and others are provided in other locations, in accordance with local regulations. The cancer treatments include a broad range of personalised immune therapies, oncolytic virus therapies, and tailored drug regimens with reduced toxicity.

Their personalised approaches aim to rehabilitate and/or regulate the patient’s immune system, or to introduce donor immune-system cells, to effectively fight disease. It includes regenerative therapies developed by CTCI for neurological diseases and other conditions correctible by bone marrow or adipose-tissue-derived stem cells. This would not only help treat Lynne’s cancer but would also help her to regain her health that was compromised ten years ago by the devastating allergic reaction to mercury and amalgam.

Lynne wasn’t comfortable to ask for that money for herself, so instead she has embarked on a campaign of information, trying to bring these programmes to the UK for NHS trials, so that so many more people could be helped.

If many cancers could be cured in the early stages by targeted gene therapy, then surely it would be an enormous saving of NHS funds. The very expensive (and not very effective) current regime of multiple operations and huge blasts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, has very poor results.

For Lynne, typically undaunted by the task, raising awareness and funding would be a far more attainable goal, as it would be a universal cause people could identify with. Cancer has touched almost everybody nowadays, at some stage, within their circle of friends and family.

SO … yes, Lynne needs money for her own treatment and Ye to Life has kindly offered to help with publicizing her campaign, but on a much wider level she needs help to bring the trials to the UK to possibly save millions of lives here.

Lynne has set up a Cancer Community (rather like a small Facebook) on where you can join in the debate.

You can interact, post articles and even make a profile page for your own particular interest – because the amazing thing about human beings is that in the face of great adversity we can come out fighting – for our friends and loved ones, but most of all, for our life.”

Heather (a friend of Lynne)

Interviews written for articles sharing about my life:

Ian Paul

1)How to find peace within with Ian Paul Marshall of The Alliance for an Awakened Humanity.

Sharing my personal thoughts and journey to peace ~ 

2) Working on STAR WARS – Return of the Jedi as a supporting artist as character, now as X Wing Piolt ‘Karie Neth‘ for The Bounty Hunter! 😉 

Recommended reading on:

A Future for Communication

A document sent to world leaders 1991.
A bold document declaring ‘The Age of Thinking and Being Alive’
A Journey & Ode to LOVE‘ ~ Pt 1, 2 & 3

Poetry about love from the Eternal perspective

Original Vision & PEACE Initiative idea, Intention & SOURCE Document written 1995

This was sent to Global Community/Leaders in 1995 Outlining a structure and way to make real the idea of getting all people to make a wish for peace to test mass consciouness and use our intention for peace in one moment.

Lynne also writes proposals for Change when inspired to, for example~ British Actors Equity invited me to write my ideas for a vision for the ‘British TV / Film industry, which the British Actors Equity Association to improve the quality of life for employees in all aspects within the industry.

I am the Founder of Planting Seeds for Peace RADIO where we are bringing to the foreground all ordinary people who ARE creating peace everyday so people see the peace that IS being created and shift our awareness to gratitude ~ freeing the human spirit to see they DO make a difference and are not alone!

KEY INTERVIEWS as Host on Planting Seeds for PEACE Radio – Recommended

Speaking from the inside the vision for PEACE in OUR Lifetime for us all, listen to my interviews with:

1) Jeremy Gilley ~ Founder PEACE ONE DAY ~ (humbly wait till after the BTR pitch lol!)

2) Dawn Engle ~ co-founder PEACEJAM (10 nobel laureate’s initiative to bring forth the next generation of peace makers) Peace Jam are uur partners for PEACE DAY ‘A Global United Party for PEACE’ .

Where we are declaring ‘A Day of Gratitude and thanks’ here

We have new hosts joining us soon..
LISTEN to our shows with me and hosts such as Marcia Johnson’s

Inspired by You interviewing LOA authors.

To Download Your free Banner / Certificate showing your unique number


Nature ~ Humanity ~ Environment


“We’re all unique and see the world differently,
and yet we are one voice standing together for peace”


This banner has been created so one billion people can actually be counted standing together for peace – to see if we can make a real difference in the real world. Why one billion? This figure is more than ten percent of the whole population – which quantum scientists say will create a shift in consciousness.



In 2009 ~ We (with co-creator/partner Marcia Johnson – the Eaupening and Stock Harmony), inspired 21 events in 5 Countries took part in collaboration which were streamed live via our website and into 3D Virtual World Second Life~

Lynne Hazelden’s commitment to Peace is an Inspiration, in 2009….

Founder of ‘Peace in Our Lifetime’, Lynne creates partnerships and provides support to peace builders around the world and the ordinary people who are making peace happen every day.

To raise awareness of Peace Day 2009 and to support the work of ‘Peace One Day’ as well as thanking everyone around the world who create peace every day, a ‘Global United Party For Peace’ has been organized by ‘Peace In Our Lifetime’ in conjunction with key partners including ‘PeaceJam’, a pioneering organization who partner youth with Nobel Laureates.

PEACE in OUR Lifetime are giving each person a unique and personalized Peace Voice Certificate free to each person, to acknowledge their stand for peace and counting to One Billion People.

You can collect one on their site free and find out about the Global United Party for Peace here.

Lynne has recently talked about her support of Peace One Day and her Peace Day 2009 activities on her Planting Seeds for Peace radio interviews.

You can listen to them here .

This link includes clips of writing from A Future for Communication,

a document and invitation I sent our to World Leaders in 1991.

The intention of Peace in OUR Lifetime and our ‘A Global United Party for Peace’ is to bringing all organisations for nature, humanity or Environment to one voice, on one day with, inside collaboration and the intention; to bring awareness of the ceasefire that happens each year, which is agreed by every UN country.

Thanks to the work of Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day and all those who stood for the International Day of Peace before and held the torch for us all to build upon.

We at Peace in OUR Lifetime say

“We are celebrating the day that humanity lay down our weapons by conscious choice.”

Peace in OUR Lifetime’s commitment is to shift and bring our attention to the peace that IS being created. To acknowledge the ordinary people who are creating peace on the ground, in families and difficult circumstances, EVERYday.

This my work, my vision that I have created with and in collaboration with all our partners and stand fully with Marcia creating.

I invite You to join us on Sept 21st each Peace day with our co hosts, who include the Nobel Laureate’s as our Peace partners, and start a movement to bring thanks to the day. Along with our fantastic International Artisis who performed, for free, wonderful music to join in the celebration. So we can freely and uniquely unite to one voice, to thank each other…. this is my lifes work and intention.

The event incorporated inspirational films and uplifting music from talented international artists, such as Mike Lindup (Level 42), John Young (Asia, Scorpions), Steve Balsamo (Jesus Christ Superstar and The Storys) and will be held in across the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Hawaii, Amsterdam with events in South Africa and YMCA PEACE Pre-School, Jerusalem. The parties will be streamed live on the internet and in venues in the 3D virtual world ‘Secondlife’. Inspirational ‘peace themed’ school assemblies for children will take place in Jerusalem, Canada, Ecuador, Nairobi and other countries around the world.



They gave time free and Me speaking about the day:



Founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime.





CONCEPT/ FOUNDATION and Journey to here:




…what’s next for this FreedomFighter

& Live Inspiration named Lynn?

Lynne has a JustGiving page set up to collect money through the charity Yes to Life. All donations made through this page will be used to help fund her treatment. Please click here if you would like to donate.

Just Giving

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure, and donations can be made from anywhere in the world. It’s also the most efficient way to contribute: Yes to Life gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure an extra 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, is added to your donation.

To help Yes to Life support Lynne with her treatment costs click here.


IMDb – Lynne Hazelden

Lynne on Twitter – @PeaceInOURLifetime




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