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May 22 – June 22 • While Supplies Last

Welcome to week 2 of this limited-time clearance event! Explore amazing deals on gifts and summer reading for you and your loved ones. For the next four weeks be sure to check your inbox for the latest items added to the Summer Clearance catalog. Twenty-four deeply discounted products will be added each week! Dive in and be inspired with audio CDs, card decks and even hardcover books by many of your favorite Hay House authors—Gay Hendricks, Kate Somerville, Eldon taylor, EveWood, M.D.and Stedman Graham, just to name a few. All items are while supplies last only, so hurry and place your order today before we sell out!

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Complexion Perfection! Hardcover by Kate Somerville

Price:$27.95 SAVE

›› Buy Now Special: $7.00
Vedic Astrology Simply Put Hardcover/CD by William Levacy
Listed Price:$19.95 SAVE 64%
›› Buy Now Special: $7.00

Who Are You? Hardcover by Stedman Graham
Listed Price:$12.95 SAVE 61%
Buy Now Special: $5.00
Pleasant Dreams Hardcover by Amy Dean
Listed Price:$9.95 SAVE 49%
Buy Now Special: $5.00

Full Hardcover by Michael A. Snyder, M.D.
Listed Price:$19.95 SAVE 74%
›› Buy Now Special: $5.00
Anxiety Free Hardcover by Robert L. Leahy
Listed Price:$25.95 SAVE80%
›› Buy Now Special: $5.00

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(Enter Priority Code 3909 at checkout to receive discounts*.)

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