PamelaJo McQuade is Taking Action with Launch of Newest Book!

Welcome to your Life of Enchantment



A Woman’s Guide to Becoming

Infinitely Attractive

Are you enchanted with the beauty of your life–the beauty of you?

Or like many women, do you think you need to be thinner, look younger, drive a luxury car, or attain a lofty position on the corporate ladder to be happy and complete?

This book, which is dedicated to the heart and soul of every woman,

lights your way, step by step, to the spiritual understanding that beauty, abundance, love, joy and freedom are your birthrights.


Pamela McQuade lets the secret out of the designer bag:

You already possess everything you seek–and more–just by being who you are!

Every one of the Women of our World should try to obtain a copy of this little Guide;
and find Your Own way to “Welcome in Your Life of Enchantment”.

A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings and gratitude to Pamela Jo for sharing this creation with us.
We Celebrate the Launch of this Guide to you welcoming the “Luxury” in Your Spiritual Life.

Brava Pamela Jo!

A Celebration of Women

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