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Maria Andros in a live teleconference!


Maria Andros – the Woman

She believes in he 3P’s Passion, Perseverance and Patience


Maria A. Andros, also known as “The Video Marketing Queen”, and creator of “The Social Media Traffic Blueprint”, is recognized as one of today’s leading experts in the Video Marketing, Personal Branding, and Business arena.

Advisor to the stars, and to some of the top entrepreneurs in the personal development, entertainment and business world, Maria creates programs that empower you to dominate your industry with a competitive edge, leveraging the viral component of video and social media.

As Founder and C.E.O. of Video Marketing Queen Inc., Maria is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to increase profits, to attract new clients, and to create a celebrity like following online.

Maria earned her crown, from personal success with YouTube (over half a million plus video views), Twitter (over 50,000 followers), to being voted #3 in all of Business on Twitter for the Shorty Awards back in 2009 out of millions of users.

She was also recently featured as one of the “Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs Online”. Maria is currently in high demand as an consultant, and advisor to her private and celebrity clients who are visionairies in their respected fields.

Maria’s father used to tell her while growing up “You’re a leader not a follower, and “You’re a queen, walk like a queen.” Little did she know that that would give her the confidence she needed down the road. Knowing from a very young age that she had gifts, like we all do and something to share, she knew that she wanted to become an entrepreneur. Her dream was to be financially free, but didn’t know how to make that dream come true.

Previous to her career online, Maria worked for some of the largest cosmetics and fashion companies in the world. She specialized in increasing brand awareness and profits, generating over a million dollars in revenue, at a time for some of these corporations.Working 10-12 hour days at times, making her employers rich, started taking a real toll on her health and spirit. She knew that there had to be more to life than this.


Like any other woman of success, Maria has experienced the challenges of public attacks, jealousy, and more…. 

 Being a Woman Leader and Visionary, Maria has never allowed any negative to block her path;

and has always maintained loyalty to her Vision, walking the walk in her Journey and following the path to her Destiny.

Visit Maria ‘behind the scenes’ …. enjoy!

 Video online only. 



Marsh continues …

 “This week I spoke as part of a teleconference series about my favorite subject ‘The Feminine Shift’.  In fact, I enjoyed my time with Maria Andros so much  that I decided to send you information about the teleconference! “



Whether you’re just starting in business, you’re on
your way to a 7 figure income, or maybe you’re thinking
about quitting your job …

 I invite you to join in a
teleconference that is not only filled with money
producing causes that could influence your family
and your quality of life, but can revolutionize
the steps you take to grow your success.




What if this is the year that you:

Stop holding yourself back in business
• Stop sabotaging your ability to receive
more happiness and freedom
• Stop giving away your power



Watch this video and learn how you can be part of
this teleconference series now.




So, take a look and let me know what you think!
I’d love to hear from you!

Marsh Engle


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