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has been inspired to share this wonderful video with the Women of our World.

It is such a heartwarming event when one’s mission is appreciated, recognized and successful in it’s goals. We are smiling when we receive such a lovely message from a superb member that Took Action and put real life in her support of our work by sharing with us at A Celebration of Women her video, ‘Women make the world go around’.  Let’s invite this powerhouse all the way from Warners Bay, New South Wales, Australia and hope that we all read more about Heidi soon in our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION!

Thank You, Heidi Alexandra Pollard @ Leading Ladies International!

 As Global Advocate, World HUB for Women Leaders, A Celebration of Women nurtures by Celebrating the Lives of all WOMEN of ACTION; Women that are trailblazing in our Mission for Global Gender Equity and Women’s Issues, inspiring ALL WOMEN to Take Action in their own lives, awakening to the fact that each and every single Woman in our World has a LIGHT inside her waiting to be lit, fired up and shine.

Yes, Heidi,

A Celebration of Women is here as the World HUB, to Celebrate all Women Leaders, bring them together-united in one mission, respecting each other’s focus and sharing in each others glories.

ALL WOMEN LEADERS, like Heidi, together are creating a Globe of Lights that will Awaken our World.

A Celebration of Women

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Women of our World, the time is NOW!


Here is a peek at the work this Member of A Celebration of Women does helping others to build the business of their dreams, through what Team Celebration calls, the Power of Emulation’, as she asks  Who are the women in your life and your world who have inspired you?




Heidi Alexandra Pollard , Founder of Leading Ladies International!

Coach, trainer, facilitator, author and speaker, Heidi inspires all who come into contact with her and her unique message. Her passion has always centered on principles such as two-way communication, servant leadership and continuous learning – her message – creating organisations with hearts that connect with people. She enjoys working closely with professional communicators and leaders who are in a position to affect their company culture and are up to the challenge of adopting a feminine, servant leadership style.

“Are you a woman interested in knowing what you need to do to excel in the business world?”

Perhaps, you’ve been thinking about the differences between female and male entrepreneurs and wondering if men have a more natural knack for entrepreneurship. Maybe you thought you should model what’s working for men in the hope it will work for you? Or are you wondering if you should play up your feminine qualities and do something that is unique to women, in order to excel?

As a leadership advocate and female entrepreneur myself, I believe you must have a mix of masculine and feminine energy in any business or venture to make it truly successful. And as women we can do many things in business similar to how our male counterparts would do them and yet in other ways we can do things that are distinctly different.

What I’ve found from working with both male and female clients who are excelling in their own right is that they have several commonalities.

For example they all:

  • Are self-disciplined
  • Hold strong, clear visions about their future direction
  • Have plans of action to support their vision
  • Are decisive
  • Use a mentor or a coaches to keep them on track.

Leading Ladies do all of that and then some. What I have noticed from observing and working with many of the world’s Leading Ladies is that in addition to these qualities they also:

  • Create lifestyle businesses that encompass their whole self and their whole life
  • Have a natural affinity for being of service
  • Have strong, values-led businesses
  • Tune in, turn on and tap into their intuition
  • Above all value connection and community
  • Measure success by the legacy they are living.


Heidi asks, as a true Leader of Women leading Women:

“Who are the women in your life and your world who have inspired you?”





Leading Ladies International:   http://leadingladiesinternational.com.au/


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