Elsa P. – Confusion and indecision reign – Venus exalted in Pisces

Confusion and indecision reign as we head into the weekend.


With Saturn exalted in Libra and ruler Venus exalted in Pisces, people who are compassionate with others while maintaining a boundary fare very well. These statements combine when you go easy on someone who is struggling without necessarily rushing in to fix their problem for them.
 The cardinal grand cross that dominates the sky over the weekend is quite harsh. Decisions are being made and consequences come home to roost, like chickens. A lot of things are becoming “final” at this point but in many cases, having something defined brings relief.
You can compare this to hanging out over the ocean on a plank extended out from the edge of a ship. If that plank breaks, you can then swim to shore and get on with your life so there is a significant upside here. That said, when you hear the snapping sound, you can expect your heart to race.
Monday, people start the work week pretty battered and punch-drunk but Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon is in Leo trining the stellium in Aries and everyone is going to be energized and invigorated. This means you can take it easy on yourself and others Saturday through Monday because you’ll be able to easily catch up mid-week.
Also note, Mars squares Pluto this week allowing people to get things done via sheer determination. This aspect also denotes violence so caution is advised while taunting people is not. You can read more here – Transit Watch
To wrap up, Venus and Neptune are both well placed in Pisces now so compassion is a strong play. Serve and sacrifice to end suffering, not just theirs but yours.
Also, heads up to Scorpio; Pluto turns retrograde this week. This will further internalize your internal process, offering you the chance to go even deeper.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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