DAWN TEVY is Taking Action!

WOMAN of ACTION, Dawn Tevy is Taking Action!

Angels and Warriors RADIO

Our next 8 weeks is about to start on my radio show and I am thrilled to say that motivational speaker and personal development coach Ty Hanson will be joining our program. Ty will be giving us the tools we need to reach our goals and dreams.

Many of you work with or know people who could use this coaching in addition to your services.

We will be choosing 10 lucky people for Ty to work with one on one.

Please check out the link to find out more information.



.. if you are a writer you may want to also check out our up coming show; “The World of Literature: What Every Author needs to Know to be Successful”.

  • Do you want to get published?

  • Unsure of whether to go traditionally or indie?

  • Want a chance to talk to people in these fields?

Click this link for more information: http://angelsandwarriors.org/AWRadio2.asp?ArticleNr=52

Either way, if you could help me spread the word about these upcoming shows it would be much appreciated.

Live your passion and change the world,

Dawn Tevy

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