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A few years ago, my family got a call from our neighbors.
Walking down the street that day, they had heard a meow coming from a
trash can, where someone had left a newborn kitten to die.

Animals need
strong legal protection from abuse.

Our neighbors wanted to know if we could give the kitten a loving home.
And less than a day later we welcomed a new, adorably furry member of the family.

Most pet owners I know want whatever protection they can get to keep their pets safe and healthy.

But right now animals in Canada are at great risk from the kind of people who would leave a cat to die in a dumpster. »

Canada’s animal protection laws are dangerously outdated. Animals are treated
as nothing more than property, leading to injustices like a New Brunswick man
being acquitted after he killed five small dogs with a hammer.

Until politicians are willing to enact effective laws against animal cruelty,
Canada’s animals will be at risk of terrible abuse.

Tell the
Canadian government to modernize the animal cruelty provisions in the Criminal
Code, close legal loopholes, and effectively protect all animals from acts of

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