WOMEN in RECOVERY – Authenticity of Women through finding Self



A Celebration of Women

has been founded, as well, to assist the Women of our World to achieve an Authentic Reality for Self.

The following retreats and sites are available to all the Women of our World, and if you are in recovery from any form of addiction, drepression or trauma, we highly advise that you find time for just YOU.


Authenticity of Women through finding Self



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Authenticity of Women

we have found an organization devoted to this truth and below is what they have to say at:

Coming Into Your Own. 



” Women often find that in striving to succeed they have developed only part of who they are;

 while leaving vital aspects of themselves behind.

 In the midst of substantial achievement, often report feeling empty, burned out or invisible. “



Over the past 20 years, we have helped women access their reservoir of presence, and a fuller expression of themselves in their work, family and relationships. Wholeness and balance in ourselves are crucial if we are to truly address the fragmentation in the world and the barrenness in so many workplaces.

The CIYO program engages the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of each one. We look at how each woman has navigated her personal and professional life, what her struggles and successes have been. We work together to identify current challenges, address barriers to forward movement, and cross thresholds… all in a supportive, confidential and nourishing environment. Our groups are kept small to ensure one-on-one conversation, rich dialogue, and the transforming power of the circle.




Organizations often sponsor women in order to strengthen their leadership capacity, and many women enroll on an individual basis. Both corporations and non-profits have tailored the CIYO program as a leadership development course for senior women executives. Its intergenerational nature provides mentorship for young women and renewed value of our elders.


All cultures, all walks of life are welcome.





Ashland Institute: http://www.ashlandinstitute.org/pdf/CIYO%20East%204.10%20v1fin.pdf

Ashland Retreats: http://id.mind.net/~tai/retreats.html

C.I.Y.O. Retreats: http://www.ciyowomensretreat.com/

C.I.Y.O. – 2011 Calendar:  http://www.ciyowomensretreat.com/events.html

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