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The LANGUAGE of LOVE Workshop




Sat 26 March 9:30am – 5:00pm

Sun 27 March 9:30am – 5:00pm


…This workshop contains a body of wisdom collected from our own personal experience, spiritual and universal laws & principles, quantum physics and the new sciences, the study of consciousness, the dynamics of human behaviour, ancient & modern philosophy and a profound new understanding of love which will change the way you see your relationship, your life and the world we live in.

  • Both couples and singles will gain valuable wisdom and new insight into the magic of intimate relationships. Access your power to transform your intimate relationship.



… learn how to get the love you deserve and create a successful, fulfilling partnership.


Cost per person – $250 ( $200 early bird special still available )
Cost per couple – $400 ( $350 early bird special still available )


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  • Is your intimate relationship everything you had hoped for?
  • Do you have the feeling something is missing in your relationship?
  • Is your relationship struggling or on the rocks?
  • Have you built up resentments and issues with your partner you would love to release?
  • Have you been searching for the perfect partner/relationship unsuccessfully? Are you stuck in a cycle of infatuation & resentment?
  • Would you love to learn how to transform your relationship into a powerful partnership?


  • Discover the secrets of successful, fulfilling relationships
  • Discover the true purpose and hidden perfection in your intimate relationships
  • Understand the underlying dynamics at work in your relationship and how they are arranged to propel your growth
  • Understanding the role of our motivational values in relationships
  • Improve/enhance the communication in any relationship
  • Release resentments, issues and emotional baggage associated with your partner/relationship
  • Bring love, harmony and mutual respect back to a failing relationship.

Identify and overcome any myths, fantasies and illusions which are obstructing the development of your relationship




Learn how to attract your ideal partner


Find out what is blocking the love you desire



No matter what the nature of your relationship, your partnership will always be a mixture of pleasant and not so pleasant experiences. Having unrealistic ideals on how we expect people to behave can result in tension, resentment and frustration in our relationships. Graham & Monika will show you how to get beyond relationship fantasies so you can see and appreciate your relationships in their true light. This workshop will allow you to access unconditional love and give you the power to transform ANY relationship.





They are a dynamic team who are focussed on assisting each person uncovering what their NEXT STEP is in LIFE’s grand game. They have the ability to uncover and remove the blocks we have so we can live our highest and best purpose. In one two-minute conversation I had with Graham, he helped me clarify my vision so my company could move forward. While it seemed like a SIMPLE CHAT…I had been struggling with the problem for a few weeks. The freedom and release I experienced from that “CHAT” has garnered many benefits over the last month! If you share some time with Monika and Graham…it is most certainly time well spent! Quotes

Barry Spilchuk International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Businessman


I could not recommend 2 coaches more. The power of Monika’s intuition and insight combined with Graham’s cosmic connection to wisdom is life changing. If you want to go to the next level, and you are up for a real ride……then please leap into the journey with them! Love you guys! Jennifer Hough – Creator of “Get Out of Your Own Way”, Founder of “The Vital You” – the largest Holistic Nutrition Practice in Canada Quotes

Jennifer Hough Author, Speaker, Teacher



Cost per person – $250 ( $200 early bird special available )
Cost per couple – $400 ( $350 early bird special available )

Earlybird Discount will be VALID for all ORDERS, using the CODE: A Celebration of Women




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