Taryn Galewind: 8 Steps to Create a Prayer Corner at Home

8 Steps to Create a Prayer Corner


Open a Space in Your House to Open Your Heart


As we overcrowd our world, finding small but beautiful priate space is essential. If you have a small corner of quiet sanctuary in your home, it’s far easier to keep connected to your spiritual side. Let me show you how to consecrate a prayer corner. It won’t get in any one’s way, but it will help you surround yourself with peace.



1. Do a home survey, listing small spaces not being used effectively. Look at closets, alcoves, hall ways, the attic – anywhere you could lay claim to about eight square feet or so. Evaluate the aesthetics of each area from a new point of view. I have one prayer corner against a three foot wide wall in my breakfast nook.

2. Plan. Think of colors that impact you positively. Consider soft, filmy fabrics that move on gentle breezes. Find an altar – a bookcase, small table, or hanging shelf.

3. Clear the space. Declutter. Throw away, give away, put away, re-purpose everything that’s there now.

4. Paint, change the flooring if you’d like. Use color to serve your needs.

5. Collect important items, talismans. My space contains a piece of carved marble from an ancient Greek temple, a piece of floor mosaic I found in the Mediterranean, two tiny paintings of Goddesses I am drawn to. A yellow silk cloth with threads of gold. Candles. My sacred books. A mirror. Seashells, pebbles, and a flask of holy water.

6. Thinking like a minimalist, set up your furnishings. I have a small-scale arm chair and footstool facing a bookcase with an 18”x8” footprint and four shelves. I put a gorgeous hand-woven rug next to my chair.

7. Select candles and sacred objects that help you focus and center your thoughts. Whatever your beliefs, icons, images, or statuary encourage your spiritual state of mind. Hang them on the wall or arrange them on your altar. Candles of various colors are essential; have them blessed. Make sure they are safe to burn in your prayer corner, or use electric candles.

8. Dedicate or consecrate your space. Choose a time when you’re alone and make yourself comfortable in your space. Truly look at each item and object, treasuring and giving thanks for its presence to help you. Light a candle and gaze softly at the flame for a few seconds, then close your eyes, follow your breath, and pray, meditate, or do some visualization. Visit this place every day.


You may share your space as you like, or dedicate it solely for your own use. When your spirit is troubled, go there to find calm peace. When your spirit is filled with joy, go there to give thanks and treasure the privilege of being joyful.

Thanks to Taryn Galewind:  www.californiapsychics.com

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