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Those of us who feel ‘ahead’ regarding coming changes whether they be natural or manmade must remember to carefully watch diet, sleep patterns, thoughts and activities. It can be very hard on the body if we do not. We must also remember to sustain a certain amount of detached compassion and self protection regarding our personal energy.



March 18th, 2011


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Those of you who have not wavered, we applaud you
Those of you who have suffered greatly, we love you
Those of you who try, we honor you.
We who observe know your pain and loss
Free choice is your lot
We watch and notice your confusion and sorrow.
Hold on, dear ones, hold on
This is the time of alignment
This is the time when the awakened gather.

Do not grieve for those who have chosen unwisely
It is their choice
Keep your eyes and ears open and speak only truth.


We have warned you
We have silently helped you
We have continued to love you 

We cannot do more, only you can
You are the ones who must care for life
You are the ones, not us.

We are always near
We assist if you give us permission







In light and harmony,

Shirlee Hall


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