Prayer Vigil For Japan, a Wave of Prayer to counteract the Tsunami


Newsletter March 14, 2011
Prayer Vigil For Japan
A Wave of Prayer to counteract the Tsunami

The planet is trying to get our attention! It’s at times like this that humanity needs to listen and act, adding our consciousness and prayers to situations like the one in Japan, and to the healing of the environment in general. As we wind closer to the Great Shift of the Ages, it’s important that we lay an energetic foundation that will assist us in these trying times. That’s why The Beloved CommUNITY is calling upon every like-minded person to focus their energy and prayers for the next week on the recovery of Japan.

Here’s how:
Imagine if there were thousands of people in each time zone sending their prayers to Japan at noon local time. In other words, we are asking that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are during this next week, stop at noon and simply “feel” the healing of the planet and Japan. What does it mean to “feel” such a thing? The most powerful prayer we can offer is the feeling behind the affirmation, or the energy and emotion that everything on the earth is perfectly aligned and that all those who are suffering are being perfectly provided for. In terms of the situation in Japan, you may chose to imagine a successful recovery effort, or that everyone who has been affected by the earthquake is receiving care and protection. Imagine a scene in your mind, anything you choose, and then hold the energy as you say these words at least three times: “May Peace Prevail in Japan and in the Whole World.” (Or, “Peace is Prevailing in Japan and the Whole World.”) Feel the energy spread from your heart to the hearts of everyone involved, knowing that there are many thousands of people joining you. If we can create a wave of peace in every time zone at noon, then the energy we create will help settle the largest tsunami.

Please join us wherever you are, and if possible, help spread the word by sharing this email with everyone you know.
One Millions Prayers of Peace

If you haven’t added your prayer to the peace pole that will be planted near the Great Pyramid of Giza, please do so soon. We’re hoping to collect one millions prayers from people all over the world, all of which will be placed inside a peace pole reading “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in many languages. We need your help! This is one of the most exciting peace projects we’ve ever initiated, but for it to be successful we need you to share the info with everyone you know. Simply go to this link to add your prayer:

The purpose of this vigil is to add our energy to the peace movement that is currently sweeping through the Middle East. Let them know you’re there! Let’s show these brave people that they are not alone, and that there are millions of people who share their hope for a new world.

Together we can create opportunities for healing and assist in the Great Shift!
Join James Twyman in Vermont

James will be speaking at the Earth Spirit Conference in Shelburn, Vermont on April 1-3. This will be an incredible way to practice “being the change you want to see in the world.” If you’re in the area we hope you’ll attend. For more information go to:

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