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Amazing Woman’s Day, audio clip from Los Angeles!



Here’s a special downloadable audio for you!
Plus, a new announcement! But, first I want to
share something that happened last weekend.

On Saturday we celebrated a milestone in our
Amazing Woman’s Day movement. It was our
10th Anniversary of empowering women with
the resources to bring their greatest work to life!

The Skirball Cultural Center was buzzing
with the most amazing, trailblazing
visionaries, heart-open transformational
entrepreneurs and inspired innovators I know.



Rickie Byars-Beckwith, a pioneer in
Spiritual music, shared life-altering insights;
amazing women from my new book,
“Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story?”
joined me on stage and many more
were there to share the celebration

Today, as I sit here in my office enjoying
the after-glow of celebrating a vision realized,
I feel inspired to share something with you.

“Living your vision unfolds over time.
Your direction will shift, take surprising turns,
and answers will come to you in unanticipated
ways. But, your vision will definitely take shape
as you remained focused, alert to opportunity,
and remain willing to blend inspiration with action.”

Maybe your vision feels like it’s a long way
away. Or, you may feel completely connected
with a clear view of a purposeful path.

Regardless, pause for a moment,
focus your attention, take a long deep
breath and create a fresh statement of
intention. Then, take one step – big or
small – that will move you closer to living
that dream.

Now, for the audio download I promised you –

Last month a great friend of mine, Alison Marks,
asked me to speak about one of my favorite topics:
creative flow …


  • How you find it.

  •  How to stay connect to it.

  •  Actions to create more of it.

When you listen to this interview you’ll hear
my essentials practices for unleashing higher
levels of creativity, staying inspired, finding
confidence and tapping into fresh solutions!




The Flow Factors



This is one of those interviews where
I share loads of tangible practices to
make sure you get the most for your time.

So check it out now!



The Flow Factors




Envision the possibilities,



PS: Oh, I forgot to mention the special
announcement! On April 16th we are
connecting women living throughout the
United States, Canada and beyond for a
special Amazing Woman’s Day program
that you really don’t want to miss!


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