Do YOU Believe in Miracles?



Do YOU Believe in Miracles?



“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.”


The words of Bernard Berenson shows the controversies inherent in the issues regarding miracles and divinity in general, some believe in miracles, while others don’t – to them miracle is a ‘figment of ones imagination’.


The salient question that begs for answer now is:

  • Do you believe in miracles?

  • What exactly is miracle?

  • Has it any moral justification?

  • Or is it really what they say – a contraption invoke by a desperate mind?

  • Who needs a miracle?



What Is A Miracle?

– Miracle means many things to different people; from diverse backgrounds – race, religion, ethnicity, and what have you. If the word of Bernard is anything to go by, then it is right to emphatically ask: do you believe in miracles? Because according to him you have to be a believer to believe in miracles. The Webster’s collegiate dictionary defines miracle as an “act or event that seems to transcend or contradict all known natural or scientific laws and is usually thought to be supernatural in origin”. Anything that is beyond natural or scientific comprehension is absolutely unbelievable, scientists, and legal ethics hence does not welcome the justification of miracles, so presenting an act of miraculous event in a court of law will be deemed insubstantial and disregarded, this is a far as it goes, because on individual bases miracles are embraced by many even science personnel like Doctors, lawyers, psychologist etc.



Miracles And Divinity:

Who actually performs miracles, can physical performances bring about miracles? from the above definition of miracles extracted from the Webster’s dictionary miracles are “thought to be supernatural in origin” this means that miracle is performed by a supernatural being (please note that man is a natural mortal being thus according to the definition cannot perform miracles) alone, and by supernatural the being must be strong, and posses power, and will that enables it to perform such phenomenal deeds, so back to Bernards’ quotes the question do you believe in miracles hinges on the believe of a supernatural being, who exactly is this being?



Miracles And Religion:

Religion is defined as the worship and service to a divine been called God, this being is generally known to be powerful, and bears solutions to problems, thus deserves worship and service from faithfuls, who believe on him and depends on him for all supplication. God is therefore the supernatural been from whom miracles originates. Religion is one of the most diverse and controversial phenomenon to have ever been discovered even though it is said to be centered around one God – talk about difference in unity. There are many types of religion namely: Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddha, Judaism etc, amongst these religions Christianity is the most controversial. Faithfuls under different religion believe in the interference of their Gods in issues that concerns their daily lives, among religious people you can hardly find anyone ask the question: do you believe in miracles? The reason is because they are in a relationship that compulsorily requires faith. Though all the religious sect believe in miracles they however have different ways of practicing it, for instance Christians are expected to first have faith, then demonstrate their believe in the death and resurrection of Christ who is the son of God before they can receive miracle, after all the religion is based on Miracles itself. Islam faithfuls perceive miracles in three different perspectives: revered history, in link with the holly prophet Mohammed, and in connection to revelation. Other religions have different perspective of miracles, but one undisputable is that miracles is performed by one with miraculous power, below are some miraculous act.



Miracle act:



There are many miracles performed in the bible, they are: crossing of the red sea, Elijah bringing down fire to show the God that answers by fire, manna rain from heaven to feed the Israelites in the wilderness, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, healing and other many miracles performed by Jesus Christ when He was on earth, and so on



Islam: The clairvoyance prowess of Sufi holy men, ability to practice exteriorization by becoming invisible, and ability to produce food and rain in the time of drought etc.


Hindu: One of the prominent miracle acts in this religion is the Hindu milk miracle


Buddha: the event that led to establishing Buddhism state of religion.



Do you believe in miracles?



Apart from religious faithful there are records of account of miraculous occurrences that is outside of the “religious” circle, one is the Israeli Colonel Klein’s men account of been rescued by angels, heart surgeon Chauncey W. Crandall IV’s narration of how a dead man was brought back to live at the prestigious world doctor’s conference, and many others.




Whatever you believe miracles does exist, at least to these great men,

and to does who have learn to differentiate between natural and supernatural abilities.



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