Courtney's Story – The New ABC's of Life…


The NEW A B C’s of LIFE!! 

our world’s brand new alphabet



As most of you know by now, “Courtney’s Story”,

 has grown and has now become a Global Phenomenon raising awareness around the World of PML.

You are probably thinking to yourself that PML are just three of the twenty six letters that make up our alphabet. True, they are just that! However, in today’s society and in the world in which we all live. The alphabet we have all been raised on and learned even before kindergarten has drastically been altered! It has changed the way in which we live our lives some lives that will never be the same!
Today’s ABC’s consist of not only PML, MS, HIV, AIDS and the Big C, as so many refer to as Cancer when speaking about it! A, now stands for Alzheimers, B for Breast Cancer, C for Colorectal Cancer, D for Diabetes, so forth and so on! Yes truly these have now become our new ABC’s of Life!
Courtney’s Story, a compelling true story of my daughter focuses only on PML_progressive multi-focal leukoencephalapathy, a rare viral disease that attacks the white matter of the brain. Sadly as society has chosen to believe, when they hear PML they are clueless due to the mere lack of education, not ignorance. If you don’t know about PML or never heard of it, don’t feel like you’ve missed out. Trust me, you haven’t! It’s true PML is prevalent in most HIV patients, but the truth of the matter is, anyone with a compromised immune system is susceptible to contracting the disease. You don’t have to have the stigma of HIV/Aids as part of your medical history. As I mentioned earlier in this article, some of the other diseases associated with PML. Feel free to read again paragraph two!
Why is this so important to me? When my daughter was first diagnosed with HIV our world was turned upside down! The fact that she had basically been handed a death sentence combined with the exuberant cost of HIV Meds to the tune of $2500.00 per month!  SHOCKING beyond belief!!

The circumstances leading up to her untimely death are not really relevant to this article. However, when we in today’s society are faced with a life altering situation as she was that we otherwise would not choose!

When I think of the number of men, women and children diagnosed with HIV it’s mind boggling. Then when I ponder the harsh reality of the number of people around the world walking around with the virus unknowingly overwhelms me!
It’s been stated in several publications I have read, that I’m just a grieving father blowing off some steam, telling his little sob story to anyone who will listen. Maybe I am, but I’ll tell you one thing for sure, I am a going to keep telling my sob little story, counseling and being an advocate to anyone anywhere living with HIV, PML and their family members as long as God will allow me to do so!
Partnering with A Celebration of Women_Catherine Anne Clark_Founder and CEO and countless other strong Women of Action around the World, I will spend the rest of my days working to contribute to global awareness of the PML disease that is killing thousands of people, those suffering from immune sensitive diseases like MS, CANCER, HIV, and many more conditions, etc. These women have allowed me the opportunity to reach over 210 countries educating about PML.

On January 13, 2009, Courtney Leigh Hewitt lost her Voice to PML.




Won’t you join me in my quest to Raise Global Awareness and lend her Yours?


 In loving service,
Reginald Todd Hewitt
The Courtney Project_Not For Profit_Inc.
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